Rugby World Cup Argentina 2023 The Book

It is with great pride that I can confirm that the blog is being made into a book.  Like this blog it is titled Rugby World Cup Argentina 2023British publishing company,MX Publishing will be releasing the book on November 26 2012.

Book Description

Argentina made history at Rugby World Cup 2007 by finishing third in the world. The South American nation finished the World Cup ahead of traditional powers including Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales and hosts France - all have previously hosted matches in multiple World Cup tournaments. In finishing third in 2007, Argentina became the only Rugby World Cup semi-finalist who has not yet hosted a Rugby World Cup. Since then rugby has undergone significant changes to at last adjust to professionalism. 

Now a part of The Rugby Championship Argentina is a rugby nation in rapid transition and Argentina has officially been accepted as an elite team backed by a responsible union. With England hosting in 2015 and Japan in 2019, it will be time for a Southern Hemisphere country to host in 2023. By 2023 Oceania would have hosted three World Cup's, Africa one, Asia one and Europe four and the Americas zero. Rich in tradition and packed with talent Argentina 2023 is certain to be a roaring success.

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  1. Argentina has the rights to host Rugby World Cup 2023 and America has the rights to host Rugby World Cup 2027

    1. You mean United States of America I guess, because America is not just and only the USA. America is a continent, not a country.

  2. after the IRB talk about to promote the RUGBY around the world, not give to Argentina the possibility to host the world cup, will be devastating for the developing of the game in south america

  3. Pablo, you are absolutely correct. In my modest opinion, here we have two "capital sins" to uncover for the reading public! They may consider them something else?

    1. The Hijacking of Argentine Rugby History, now apparently started only in 2007. Never mind the other 142 years the game has been played in Argentina or the thousands of players that have represented the country that since 1965 journalists started calling PUMAS.

    2. The interests of the whole of South and Central and North America are at stake here! not just the Argentine ones? The World Rugby funding is for all those nations not just a little UAR enclave.

    My question to you and the public is: Why is it that when we want to build "something new" some people have this pernicious need to destroy the history and the tradition?

    Best regards,

    Enrique TOPO Rodriguez
    Triple Rugby Union International
    Argentina, Tahiti, Australia (42 caps)