This site started in June 2010 with the intention of bringing Rugby World Cup 2023 to Argentina. It is a campaign started by an individual who hopes to encourage Argentina to launch a bid and to also encourage the global rugby public to support the idea. The site is centred on everything to do with Argentina rugby. From the domestic game to Argentina on the global stage and also rugby in the Americas in general. The reason for the level of scope is that should Argentina 2023 be a reality it would be to host for the entire region.

Paul Tait: Rising from the ranks as a player, coach and referee Paul Tait has been covering the sport of rugby as a writer, and analyst since 2007. Tait has a post graduate qualification in International Relations and a global vision. Rugby writing has become his passion.

Tait is Editor-in-Chief of Argentina 2023, a site which covers the sport of rugby throughout North and South America, concentrating on the Argentina and the World Cup. After attracting interest Tait sought to transform his ideas into print and wrote a book titled Rugby World Cup Argentina 2023 which was published in November 2012. The book was well recieved with the Buenos Aires Herald calling it compelling reading. 

As a member of the Pan-American Rugby Writers Tait is an person with a highly credible reputation. He continues to write regularly for not only Argentina 2023 but also a number of rugby specialized sources from a variety of countries including Rugby Fun based in Argentina, Rugby Mania based in Brazil, Mao de Mestre based in Portugal and Get Real based in Canada.