Thursday, April 16, 2015

Regional body looking towards professionalism in the Americas

Photo Patrick Johnston
Agustín Pichot's desire to have a Pan-American Six Nations tournament up and running in 2016 was widespread support within the Argentine and wider rugby community of the Americas. The possibility has been greeted with optimism in all six countries that Pichot is looking to to include in the new tournament. Argentina 2023 was contacted by Patricio Sandionigi of the Centro y Sudamérica Rugby Ltd (CySAR) this week. The project CySAR hopes to and establish professional rugby in the Americas ad create a continental league. The goal being for the Americas, over time, to have an entity comprable to that in Europe. 

Argentine manager and coach Patricio Sandionigi recently spoke with Venezuelan site Traslajugada about new rugby projects in the region. In doing so he outlined the work being done to establish regional professionalism. Sandionigi argues that CySAR Ltd will develop a professional structure to improve the level of competition, guarantee the growth of the game and bring economic benefits to all participants. Included are both Men's and Women's rugby in addition to Rugby Sevens.

Included on CySAR's board are players, coaches, managers and referees. Together they guarantee the transparency of their operation and their commitment to reaching their objectives. In order to do so CySAR is in contact with all related entities. World Rugby has offered it's support and CySAR is now looking to CONSUR. 

In total more than twenty countries in the region interested AND CySAR Ltd is working on presenting ideas to EXCO CONSUR at the upcoming regional meeting in Santa Fé, Argentina in June. CySAR Ltd is to put forward a possible strategic path and hopes for it to be debated and approved. 


  1. does this league include USA and Canada and if so, do you know what regions in ether country have had talks?

    1. Yes, the organization is desiring the involvement of both Canada and the USA. Firstly it is seeking CONSUR approval and then it will begin talking serious business.

  2. This new tournament will be more interesting than the Americas Rugby Championship, where teams can't field Europe-based players.

    I'd prefer the name Panamerican Rugby Championship. The other tournament would be the Americas Rugby Challenge.

    It doesn't make sense for Argentina to field the Pumas in February-March. They will crush the other teams, and they will miss the Super Rugby matches. It has to be a secondary team.

    Who owns and operates this Cysar?