Monday, April 13, 2015

CONSUR: Ecuador to implement 'Get Into Rugby' Campaign

Following the success of the Get into Rugby (GIR) campaign in a number of Latin American countries the CONSUR B nation of Ecuador has become the latest to implement the program. Working together with World Rugby and both local sporting and government authorities the Federación Ecuatoriana de Rugby launched the initiative this past Saturday in the Andean city of Cuenca. The campaign is designed to encourage more people to take up rugby with the focus being on the youth. 

The Federación Ecuatoriana de Rugby (FER)'s interest in developing rugby throughout Ecuador has seen the implementation of the Get into Rugby (GIR) campaign. In a collaborated effort together with World Rugby, the Confederación Sudamericana de Rugby (CONSUR), the Ecuartorian Olympic Committee and the Ecuatorian Ministory of Sport the program is to be run by Guillermo Signorelli, the director of the CONSUR GIR. 

Aimed at encouraging children and teenagers to take-up and play rugby the program will focus on embedding the core principles of rugby to participants aged from 6-17 at elementary and high schools in Ecuador's main urban areas. 

Using the slogan ''Juego Rugby Soy Feliz'', I Play Rugby I Am Happy'' the GIR is to work in conjunction with the director of the development commission of the FER, Cristián Morales. By promoting values and doing so in a fun and safe manner together with families the program is certain to attract new people to the sport of rugby. 

Not only will Ecuador acquire greater playing numbers but the program is to also focus on encouraging more people involved to become coaches and referees. As such the sport will be given a bigger path than previously experienced for rugby to grow in the country. 

Ecuador is not yet a member of World Rugby and for this reason is not listed in the official World Rankings. Ecuador is, nonetheless, a certain future member and has made strides both on and off the field in recent years. The national men's team won promotion from CONSUR C to CONSUR B, debuting in the competition played in Colombia in 2014. The FER is a full CONSUR member. 

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