Thursday, March 19, 2015

Global Expansion: First International Match played in Haiti

Photo Via Notivias
The compelling argument for Argentina to host Rugby World Cup 2023 continues to gain in strength. The most powerful rugby nation in the Western Hemisphere is heavily involved in expanding the sport throughout both North and South America with countless projects both ensuring rugby is played throughout the Americas and uses its values to build bridges in some of the world's least fortnuate places. The poorest country in the hemisphere is the Caribbean country of Haiti, a nation famous for poverty. The Argentine Cascos Azueles have created a rugby school in Haiti, a Civil Society project promoting social integration

A civil-military effort from the Argentine Joint Battalion has created a rugby school in Gonaives to promote integration between the Cascos Azueles and the Haitian people in an effort to transmit rugby values and work together to promote civl society. Haitians are to have technical lessons to learn about the art of rugby and have reagulary training sessions. 

The Argentine Battalion organized a rugby game against the Chilean contingent that is situated in Northn Haiti. This was the first ever international rugby match plated in the former French colony. Lieutenant Colonel Ramón Venturini of the Argentine Battalion refereed the match played at the Gonaives Racing Club. 

Present at the ground were members of the rugby school as well as the general public who witnessed an important day in the history of global rugby. Liutenant Colonel Venturini considered it to be ''one of the happiest days of the mission.''. He believes rugby to be ''very important for the application of teamwork, solidarity''.

Plans are already underway for the second international rugby match in Haiti. Muñoz suggested having it played on the Haitian Cape where the Chilean forces are based. The Chilean is also intererested in replicating the Argentine initiative by founding a second youth rugby school in the country. 

Such efforts underline the importance of South America to global rugby. The continent has never hosted a Rugby World Cup but authorities in Argentina, including former captain and the UAR's representative on the World Rugby Council Agustín Pichot, have been vocal about Argentina hosting in 2023. Going global means ending the repeated staging of Rugby World Cups in selected countries or regions. 

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