Monday, January 12, 2015

Stadiums for Rugby World Cup Argentina 2023

As has been documented by Argentina 2023 both on the web and in print Argentina has sufficient stadiums to be the host nation of Rugby World Cup 2023. Extensive past experience in hosting regional and global events combined with professional soccer in Argentina has given Argentine rugby a unique advantage of stadiums nationwide existing which can be utilized for the purposes of international rugby and, indeed, the hosting of a Rugby World Cup. Having long argued the point that Argentina has the required stadiums to host Rugby World Cup 2023 the time has now arrived for a video documenting the stadiums themselves and doing so by showcasing them being used for the purposes of rugby.  

Argentina is one of the world's ten largest countries and with a population of 43 million it is one of the most populated Rugby World Cup competitors. The country has a history of hosting big sporting events, notably the 1978 FIFA World Cup, 2011 Copa América and the 2001 Rugby Sevens World Cup. 

Los Pumas play home matches throughout the country and do so in stadiums used for these competitions. With extensive options of appropriately sized stadiums spread across Argentina the country is read-made to host the Rugby World Cup in 2023. It could do so without new stadiums required to be constructed. 

Argentina made history at Rugby World Cup 2007 by finishing third in the world. The South American nation finished the World Cup ahead of traditional powers including Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales and hosts France - all have previously hosted matches in multiple World Cup tournaments. 

In finishing third in 2007, Argentina became the only Rugby World Cup semi finalist who has not yet hosted a Rugby World Cup. Since then rugby has undergone significant changes to at last adjust to professionalism. Now a part of The Rugby Championship Argentina is a rugby nation in rapid transition and Argentina has officially been accepted as an elite team backed by a responsible union. Having England and Wales hosting in 2015 and Japan in 2019 means it will be time for a Southern Hemisphere country to host in 2023.

By 2023 Oceania would have hosted three World Cup's, Africa one, Asia one and Europe four and the Americas zero. Rich in tradition and packed with talent Argentina 2023 is certain to be a roaring success. 

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  1. Argentina has several candidate cities: Buenos Aires, Cördoba, La Plata, Rosario, Mendoza, Santa Fe, Salta, Tucumán...

    But a Uruguayan, I'd love to see the Rugby World Cup at Montevideo or Punta del Este.