Monday, December 1, 2014

UAR establishes Argentine Rugby Foundation (FuAR)

Image: UAR
The continued evolution of Argentine rugby has seen the establishment of the Fundación Argentina de Rugby (FuAR). Former Puma Richard Handley is to head the organization which is to have twelve representatives including former Pumas captains Agustín Pichot, Hectór Silva and Pedro Sporleder in addition to current captain Agustín Creevy. The entity is made up of players, former players, doctors and directors. It was approved by the UAR last Thursday and is to significantly benefit rugby in the country which in turn will aid the campaign for Argentina to host Rugby World Cup 2023. 

The creation of the Fundación Argentina de Rugby (FuAR) was approved by the UAR Board on Thursday, November 27 and its three main objectives are:

* Supporting players with serious injuries (disability) within a field of play, so that they can have a decent quality of life. 

* Administer the Solidarity Fund

* Implement prevention and training required bythe neediest clubs in the country with the objective of minimizing the risk of injury. 

Board of Directors:
President: Ricardo Handley. Banker and Businessman. 14 test-matches (1965-1972. Former UAR Counselor. Los Pumas Manager in 2006 and Los Pumitas Manager (1997-1998). Club: Old Georgian.
Secretary: Héctor Silva. Administrator and veterinarian. 24 test-matches (1965-1980). Los Pumas captain (1968-1972). Los Pumas coach (1985-1987). Former UAR Counselor. Club: Los Tilos
Treasurer: Marcelo Campo. Businessman. 24 test-matches (1978-1987). Clubs: Old Georgian and Pueyrredón 

Ricardo Paganini. Doctor. Los Pumas coach (1995), Pumas 7s coach (1993-2005). Former UAR Counselor. Club: Jockey Club, Rosario.
Ricardo Passaglia. Doctor. 5 test-matches. (1978-1979). Club: La Tablada.

Board of Advisors:
Daniel Baetti. Doctor. 17 test-matches (1987-1988). Former assistant Pumas coach (2000-2007). Club: Atlético del Rosario.
Porfirio Carreras. Attorney at Law. Former UAR president. Club: Alumni
Agustín Creevy. Professional Rugby Player. 36 test-matches (2005-present). Current captain of Los Pumas. Club: San Luis.
Mario Larrain. Doctor. Los Pumas Doctor (1992-2011). Club: La Plata.
Agustín Pichot. Businessman. 73 test-matches (1995-2007). Los Pumas captain (2000, 2003-2007). Former UAR Counselor. Argentine representative for World Rugby and SANZAR. Club: CASI.
Pedro Sporleder. Businessman. 79 test-matches (1990-2003). Pumas captain (1997-99). Club: Curupaytí.
Gabriel Travaglini. Businessman. 20 test-matches (1978-1987). Club: CASI.

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