Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rugby Sevens: Northern California bid to host 2018 World Cup

Photo: Mercury News
Northern California, or more specifically, the Bay Area has submitted a bid to host the 2018 Rugby Sevens World Cup. If successful the three day event would be played in North America for the first time and take place at AT&T Park in San Francisco and the Earthquakes new Avaya Stadium (pictured to the right) in San José. The region is well known within North America for being a hot bed for producing elite rugby players. Current internationals Danny Barrett, Eric Fry, Seamus Kelly, Samu Manoa, Folau Niua, Thretton Palamo, Lou Stanfill and Blaine Scully are played for prominent teams in the Bay Area. 

A bid has been announced that seeks to bring the Rugby Sevens World Cup to North America for the first time. Since first being played in 1993 in Scotland the Sevens World Cup has taken place once every four years with Argentina, the United Arab Emirates and Russia all hosting once in addition to Hong Kong doing so twice. 2018 could see this changing with the Bay Area looking to host. 

The North American bid is being led by professional sporting agencies led by the Giants, the Earthquakes and also the Bay Area Sports Organizing Committee. Those involved are expected to meet with World Rugby officials in January and a decision of where the 2018 event will take is scheduled to occur on May 24 2015.

In addition to hosting the tournament there have been moves to bring professional rugby to the Bay Area with The Earthquakes new Avaya Stadium also being the setting for such a team in a future USA or North American professional league. The new stadium, still under construction, is to be opened in March. 

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