Sunday, October 5, 2014

CONSUR C: Opening Round Wins for Costa Rica and Guatemala

The opening round of play in the 2014 CONSUR C tournament took place today in Panama City. Two matches were played with Costa Rica and Guatemala winning their respective matches. Round two will see matches played on Wednesday with Panama taking on Guatemala and Costa Rica facing El Salvador.    

With the four competing teams in the 2014 CONSUR C all being Central Americans Republics the competition is, in actuality, the Central American Championship. However as last year's championship winning team, Ecuador, is from South America the name of the tournament continues to operate under the broad banner of CONSUR.

CONSUR is, by name, the governing body for rugby in South America but is more than this as expansion has seen CONSUR move into North American territory as shown by the participants of the 2014 CONSUR C tournament. Central America is, by definition, part of not South America but part of North, thereby falling under the banner of NACRA.

The inter-regional relationship has made worked well for members of both entities with Guyana benefiting from playing in NACRA just as much as Costa Rica from playing in CONSUR. With rugby having expanded to now be played continent wide The re-branding of the IRB to become 'World Rugby' is expected to be followed by CONSUR and NACRA combining to be 'America Rugby'.

Day One Results
Panama 10-20 Costa Rica
Guatemala 23-17 El Salvador

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