Sunday, October 12, 2014

CONSUR C: El Salvador crowned champions

History was made in Panama City on Saturday afternoon as a new nation was crowned CONSUR C champion. The title came after El Salvador defeated the host nation and, the previously undefeated, Guatemala lost against Costa Rica. The tournament was tight as El Salvador's title was based on points differential as Costa Rica and Guatemala both also won two matches.    

Three of the four Central Americans republics involved in the 2014 CONSUR C championship won two out of three matches with Panama being the only winless side. The other three sides were, overall, evenly matched in their performances which meant El Salvador's title was determined based on a superior for and against record. 

Heading into the final round a title for El Salvador appeared unlikely. El Salvador had played well in the second round to defeat Costa Rica 24-14 but had been defeated by Guatemala in the opening round. Indeed it was Guatemala who were well placed to win the title but with Costa Rica winning 22-17 the dream was ended. 

In the other third round match Panama was looking to win for the first time in the tournament but El Salvador knew a big win could prove decisive and, indeed, Los Torogoces impressed. In winning 29-3 El Salvador finished with a +31 overall record compared to Guatemala's +6 and Costa Rica's +2. 

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