Thursday, September 11, 2014

CONSUR: Elections in Honduras Rugby Federation Establish Future

Rugby in Honduras has taken another step forward with the election of directors for the union. The Central American Country is a future IRB member and is already involved in CONSUR rugby activities. It is an example of the positive work being done to grow the sport in Latin America with there being a direct correlation to expansion and Argentina's role as a regional leader.  

The union's new management team is to consist of a mixture of locals and foreigners with Matthew Harper having been elected president and Richard Russell Pavon vice-president. Together they will seek to continue building bridges, In quick time Honduras has been added to CONSUR activities and has demonstrated the capacity to become a CONSUR and IRB member.

Despite being a Central America country, and therefore part of North and not South America the Federación Hondureña de Rugby is, like its neighbors, set to join CONSUR and not NACRA. Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala are members while Panama is set to join too. Honduras is to join Ecuador, Cuba and Nicarágua are invitees to the 2014 CONSUR C in Panama next month.

The complete results of the elections are as follows:  

President - Matthew Harper
Vice President - Richard Russell Pavon
Secretary- John McCourt
Treasurer- Juan Jose Trejo Lara
Voc1 - Ron Vair
Voc 2- Jason Turner
Commissioner - Hector Godoy

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