Monday, August 11, 2014

Rugby Championship: New Nike Away Strip for Los Pumas

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Nike, the official supplier of the Unión de Rugby Argentina (UAR) has released a new away strip for Los Pumas for the 2014 Rugby Championship. As pictured to the right the new uniform has retained the colors from the 2013 Rugby Championship alternative uniform but the pattern is entirely different. Gone are the Jaguar spots with then being replaced by a new arrangement of shapes sporting various shades of blue. Also changed is the logo. The new uniform features the Jaguar with its head to the right rather than the left and it is displaying fierceness rather than being passive. There have not been any indications made that the uniform will be worn for one of more matches in the Rugby Championship however the possibility is nonetheless very real given that the 2013 model was used in Perth against the Wallabies. With Australia having a yellow strip it was not used out of need.   

The reverse angle of the uniform is displayed below. As shown the sun has been retained and on the inside the phrase 'sean eternos los laureles' from the Argentine national anthem is also still there. It is used in the beginning of the vocal section of the reduced version of the Argentine National Anthem as used for the purposes of international rugby. The translation of the phrase is 'may the laurels be eternal'.

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