Saturday, August 30, 2014

International Rugby: Panama to join CONSUR

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The regional governing body for South American rugby, CONSUR, is to expand to include Panama taking the total number of member unions to thirteen. The central American country is to follow other North American nations including Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala in joining CONSUR rather than NACRA as governing body is increasingly taking on a Latin American rather than South American status. The country is also going to play host to a major international event in October.  

The expansion to include Panama means CONSUR now has nine South American country members and four from Central America. The addition of Panama will see it becoming the thirteenth member union. It will join Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela as members of CONSUR.

Other unions are expected to join over time as countries including Cuba, Honduras and Nicarágua. Panama is to host the 2014 CONSUR C tournament in October. It is to be a four team tournament featuring Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala. Also set to play but in a separate invitations tournament at the same time are Cuba, Ecuador, Honduras and Nicarágua.

Attention will be on Colombia this Sunday as the country plays host to the 2014 South American B Championship. Joining the host nation in the tournament will be neighbors Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. With Paraguay having won promotion to CONSUR A the CONSUR B tournament is to be a tournament involving four countries from northern South America.

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