Monday, July 7, 2014

Sevens: Brazil bids to host Rugby Sevens World Series

Image IRB
The Confederação Brasileira de Rugby is one of seventeen unions to have expressed their intention to bid to host a leg of the IRB World Sevens series. The host country of the 2016 Olympic Games intends to host more than just the debut of Rugby Sevens at the event it is also looking to have São Paulo added to the annual Sevens circuit. Brazil is to be up against three other unions from the Americas with CONSUR and NACRA both having two countries interested in the World Series.

When the IRB released information detailing the unions that had submitted tenders to host IRB World Sevens Series events starting in the 2015-2016 season it did so by highlighting the growth of the sport. A total of seventeen unions stated that they were going to bid of whom all IRB defined regions are represented. 

Joining Brazil from CONSUR is Argentina while Canada is set to either have NACRA allocated a second event or to have the Las Vegas Sevens moved to Vancouver. Interest from Europe has come from France, Germany and Holland in addition to existing hosts England and Scotland while Kenya joins South Africa to give the CAR two bidders. Australia and New Zealand continue to be the Oceania bidders while Singapore joins Japan, Hong Kong and the UAE from Asia.

The CBRu made an official announcement on Tuesday, selecting São Paulo are the destination for a Brazilian hosted Sevens event. Despite Brazil being against the odds the CBRu nonetheless is talking up its chances due to the Olympic Games  and arguments put forward in the bid which argues for São Paulo to host as part of spreading the message of the expanding global game. 

São Paulo would need to firstly be considered better than Argentina as an option. Argentina's likely host city is the beach resort city of Mar del Plata which has experience in hosting test match rugby, the 2001 IRB Sevens World Cup and has been put forward in the Book as a strong option for hosting matches in a Rugby World Cup in Argentina.

The IRB firstly needs to determine how many events it is wanting. There is room for at least four more to add to the current nine host nations from the 2013-2014 season. Of the nine Scotland could be said to be very likely to lose out with a move to continental Europe likely for at least one leg. Vancouver's bid would appear to be one of the most convincing which suggests the Americas could indeed have three with Brazil being the one to miss out. 


  1. The fact that Argentina has actually failed to host the round of the SWS it was awarded for the last two years and won't host next season either, is a massive disgrace. It really is a black mark on the UAR, and ammunition for its detractors regarding a 2023 RWC in Argentina. If the UAR couldn't get itself organised to host, they shouldn't have bid in the first place. The UAR has a lot on its table with the RC and getting ready for Super Rugby. They should've recognised that and let someone else in the region have the CONSUR round stop. Instead they got greedy. I'm sorry but quite frankly they should've been barred from even bidding in my opinion for forfeiting their hosting duties in the current contract round. I mean in rebidding isn't the UAR even the least bit embarrased and ashamed of being the only union so far to not actually host a round of the SWS after being rewarded with the rights to do so? It will be an absolute injustice if Argentina gets a round ahead of Brazil and/or Canada in the next contract period. Argentina had its chance and they've stuffed it up. Sorry, but give the chance to someone else.

  2. Agreed Simon.Argentina has too much on its plate and bidding for the 7s series is a distraction to the real issues that will advance Argentine rugby....

    Argentina must put efforts into making sure Argentina solidify their Tier 1 status in the RC....Instead invest in the Under 17,20,Jeguars and Pampas and leave this 7s thing for another day....

    Top priority shud be Rugby Championship and Super Rugby

  3. I would add Argentina, France and Singapore to the current calendar.