Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rugby World Cup Qualifier: Uruguay and Hong Kong Squads

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Photo Agustín Basso
The squads of Uruguay and Hong Kong have been announced for Saturday's must-win Rugby World Cup qualifier in Montevideo. The winner will advance to the Play-Off Final while there is no prize for the runner-up as the losing side will be eliminated. The home side has a twenty-seven man squad preparing for the match deemed to be the most important of the year across social media. The visitors, for their part, have twenty-three players in their squad. The Asians are presently en route to South America and will arrive on Wednesday due to the huge distances involved and time zones. The match is to kick-off at 3:45pm local time at Uruguay's national rugby stadium the Estadio Charrúa.

Hong Kong
Rodolfo De Mula
Leon Wei Hon Sum
Alejo Corral
Jack Bennet
Juan Echeverria
James Cooper
Oscar Durán
Phil Leung Chun Hon
Nicolás Klappenbach

Carlos Arboleya
Alex Harris
Arthuro Avalo
Tom Bolland
Santiago Vilaseca
Paul Dwyer
Mathías Palomeque
Jack Delaforce
Cristofer Soares De Lima
Bill Brant
Franco Lamanna
Alex Braddeley
Alejandro Nieto
Matt Lamming
Diego Magno
Pale Tauti
Juan Manuel Gaminara
Nick Newson
Juan De Freitas
Charles Cheung
Mathías Braun
Jamie Hood
Agustín Ormaechea
Chris MacAdam
Guillermo Lijtenstein
Niall Rowark
Alejo Durán
Jake Phelps
Felipe Berchesi
Lloyd Jones
Rodrigo Silva
Salom You Kam Shing
Alberto Román
Alex McQueen
Joaquín Prada
Rowan Varty
Santiago Gilbernau
Tom McQueen
Leandro Leivas

Jerónimo Etcheverry

Gastón Mieres

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  1. Leung Chun Hon is one player whose English name is Phil.
    Therefore there will be 23 Hong Kong players visiting Uruguay.