Thursday, July 31, 2014

CONSUR: 2014 South American Championship B Dates

Recorriendo la Sede del Mayor B
It has been confirmed that the 2014 South American B Championship is to be played between August 31 and September 6 in Colombia. The competition is to feature four countries, three of which are full IRB members, battling it out to determine who is is to be the champion of South America's Second Tier competition and thus the fifth best rugby playing nation in the continent behind Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Chile. The four participants are all from northern South America. Joining Colombia will be three countries with which it shares international borders -  Peru, Venezuela and the 2013 CONSUR C champions Ecuador. 

The fixture list is yet to be confirmed but the format of the competition has been announced. Colombia will play host to the event in the city of Apartadó in Antioquia which is located near the Gulf of Urabá in the Caribbean Sea. Matches involving the four participating countries will be played in the city from August 31-September 6.

The host city is tropical with temperatures expected to be between 28°C and 33°C a lot will be asked of the players. It marks a change from the 2013 South American Championship B which took play in Paraguay during the winter. Colombia last hosted the event in 2010 and hard a tournament to forget in losing against both Peru and Venezuela. Colombia's only win was against Costa Rica who is now in CONSUR C.

The 2014 CONSUR C tournament is to take place in Panama. Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala are all expected to compete but there have also been suggestions that Honduras, Nicarágua and Cuba are to be involved in a separate invitational tournament which may include Ecuador. Such an event would, in effect, be CONSUR D.

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