Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Top 14: Racing Métro sign Tomás Lavanini for three years

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Top 14 club Racing Métro has confirmed the arrival of Puma Tomás Lavanini on a three year deal. The twenty year old is to link up with the French giants folowing his involvement in the 2014 Rugby Championship which is to be played from August - October.  Lavanini's move to Europe brings into question Agustín Pichot's plan of player retention set to see revolutionary changes brought into UAR law starting after Rugby World Cup 2015. Following the global event in England and Wales Pumas players who are not based either in Argentina or playing Super Rugby, for a franchise of a rival Rugby Championship nation, will no longer be eligible for international duty. 

One day after having been named by Daniel Hourcade in Argentina's thirty man training squad for the Rugby Championship the playing future of Tomás Lavanini has been secured. Rather than staying at home in Argentina at the completion of the Southern Hemisphere's premier tournament Lavanini will be on a plane to France to begin his professional career. 

Aged just 21 Lavanini has quickly established himself as one of Argentina's leading plauers for the future. Since making his test debut against Uruguay in April 2013 Lavanini has made ten appearances too date for his country, scoring a try in his second international against Brazil. He joins the French club from Hindú in Buenos Aires and from the Pampas XV. 

With the controversial non-selection of Toulouse veteran Patricio Albacete Lavanini is one of Argentina's leading contenders for the Pumas 5 shirt in the Rugby Championship. Joining him as second-row squad members are Matías Alemanno and Mariano Galarza while Manuel Carizza of the Stormers is expected to link up with the team at the completion of the Super Rugby season. 


  1. So umm, who's going to play for Argentina's Super team? Is this and the likely signing of Diaz to European clubs on multi year deals the beginning of the end of the plan to have an Argentinian Super team, and does it mean the Pumas will bow out of the RC as surely the current situation (weaker team in June etc) can't continue?

  2. Listen to this 1....Argentina has plenty of players who can play in the Super Rugby teams..Already 3 or 4 Pumas have come back from Europe...

    I guess u r 1 of those ignorant people from ROAR who call themselves experts in rugby when they no zero about Argentine rugby....

    All Argentina need to do is revise its policy on exclusion of European based players from selection after 2015..

    Otherwise i dont see anything that can stop Pampas XV from participating in Super Rugby....

    With their perfomance over full strength Scotland and Ireland and considering by 2015 they will have more experience i dare say victories over Lions,Kings,Cheetars,Rebels and Force already in the bag

  3. The RC is more valuable to Argentine Rugby than fielding a strongest team in June......

    And it was expected that quite a number of those Pampas will have to go to Europe and i think Pichot's plan goes out of the window and it was never going to work....

    As for Super Rugby team i think Pampas will be very competitive especially if u consider that some European based players r also coming back which means the flow os not necessarily 1 way...

    Also there r lot of players who played for the Jaguars who will help in this regard and a few from the Pumitas so Super Rugby team will be strong...

    I think we need to understand that Argentine system is producing a lot of young and raw talent which will make it easy for them to field a pampas that is competitive since talent is concentrated into a single team....

    With the way those Pampas played in June i can safely say victories over teams like Lions,Kings,Cheetahs,Rebels,Force r in the bag...

  4. Hi Simon,

    The squad for the Rugby Championship is a pretty close reflection of who is and who is not the leading Argentine players per position. There have been underperformers which Phelan gave a lot of opportunities to who Hourcade has cut.

    Ayerza and Albacate are the only genuine cases of players out of action for a reason other than form and class. Lobo should be there but Noguera paz does deserve a go. The exclusion of Guinãzú, Tiesi and Fernández makes a lot of sense when looking at who Hourcade has selected for TRC. Fernández is a 10 who has played mainly at 12 due to Phelan utilizing pivots as centres. I am preparing material to that effect over the coming days.. You may or may not agree with what I have to say. I am seeing some notable changes appearing which are calculated risks taken out of a need to adapt to win.

    Injured - Ascárate, Camacho, Macome, Figallo, Bustos.

    Of the 30 man squad for the USA the following are in the frame for Super Rugby - Matías Alemanno, Rodrigo Báez, Marcelo Bosch, 5 Santiago Cordero, Matías Cortese, Agustín Creevy, Tomás Cubelli, Jéronimo De la Fuente, Tomás De la Vega, Mariano Galarza, Lucas González Amorosino, Santiago González Iglesias, Juan Martin Hernández, Juan Imhoff, Martín Landajo, Juan Manuel Leguizamon, Pablo Matera, Manuel Montero, Lucas Noguera Paz, Matías Orlando, Javier Ortega Desio, Bruno Postiglioni, Nicolás Sánchez, Leonardo Senatore, Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, Joaquín Tuculet.

    Lavanini is a loss but as has been said by some players (inc Imhoff) they will end their contract when there is a guarantee for them.

  5. While looking at everything that has been said from every angle, we can't stop ourselves from thinking; why is such a young player signing to play in Europe when SR is just round the corner?

    I actually agree that using domestic based players to ensure a strong future is what needs to be done and done now! A 'n'A are a loss, but I'm sure they'll be back at some stage.
    One has to question the policies of not choosing domestic players only in the near future but also how players are being treated within the current system, and if young players like Lavanini see SR in their future plans.

    Mark, the man in Japan.

  6. mark said: "why is such a young player signing to play in Europe when SR is just round the corner?" This is exactly what I said to myself and with Diaz also going to Europe, It's what prompted my questions. it's not great that two of the future stars have voted to ignore SR, and by going to Europe have said that's more important than playing for the Pumas for which they will be ineligible. One would've thought that's going to hurt the Pumas.

    Thanks for replying Paul and without the need for an insult as the anonymous poster who hasn't even got the balls to leave their actual name on here did. I have nothing to do with the ROAR and have never posted on it or indeed have any interest in it. Such is YOUR ignorance whoever you are.

  7. I agree, no matter what way you look at this it shows that money talks and that Super Rugby isn't competing with the pull of Europe. What I don't understand is why the UAR, who have apparently made whopping profits from large attendances and sponsorship over the last few years, have not offered their marquee players large and competitive contracts with that money? Offering, say, 70% of what could be earned in Europe would seem reasonable when combined with the added attraction of playing professional rugby at home. It seems the UAR aren't making this an attractive enough proposition to its most promising young players.