Friday, June 6, 2014

Retro Friday: Felipe Contepomi's rivalry with Ronan O'Gara

Former Pumas fly half or centre Felipe Contepomi's career ran simultaneously with Ireland's Ronan O'Gara, a very different player and character and there was no love lost between the pair, who met often internationally or in games between Leinster and Munster. After being sledged by O'Gara during the match at the 2007 World Cup, Contepomi called O'Gara "asqueroso" and enjoyed his side's comfortable victory, the Argentine also regularly made sure he exposed his adversary's suspect tackling technique every time they faced off.


  1. That's one of the best games the Pumas ever played marred by personal conflicts between these players which included one of the best center's the world of rugby has ever had, glorious #13 if there ever was. So disappointing to see this clip because it is also a snap shot of a rugby ethos gone amock, it seems to me. I don't remember the whole story but i think it goes back to the last elimination from the world cup the Pumas fought over with Ireland. They lost by one point and sometimes loosing by one point is worse than loosing by 40, especially at a world cup final match event where a tier one team is being treated as a tier 2 team en every cup. But a more important game than this one was the one before, that elimination by one point because it was after that super painful loss with dancing and celebration on the other side that the rivalry really flaired up, and keep in mind that Felipe Contemponi was playing in Ireland at the time, so there is a pre history between the two that preceded the story with the national jerseys. But that elimination is the interesting part for me because it brought about the whole Puma transformation of dedicating the next few years to getting back to the World Cup in 2007 and this time, no coming close to winning as an upstart rugby nation and feeling satisfied with the effort or anything like that, as it had happened innumerable times in Puma amateur history, but actually getting the job done. In short, without Ireland there would not have been a 2007 Puma team that ready to play itself into a third spot. That super ugly snap shot of Felipe is i guess the dark side of this passion. I, along with most Argentines I know, just wish he had not done that with a our national colors. There is no excuse for that, especially in rugby.

    1. This is a load of nonsense. The victory and performance against Ireland in 2007 wasn't "marred", it was in fact enhanced and made even sweeter as it meant so much to the players.

      Also confused about your whole "Puma transformation" stuff as well, doesn't really make much sense.

      As an aside, O'Gara earned himself a well earned reputation as one of the gobbiest arrogant twats in the sport. He deserved every bit he got back from Contepomi.