Friday, June 20, 2014

International Rugby: Argentina v Scotland Highlights

Photo UAR
Disaster has struck Argentine rugby - for the first time since 1999 Argentina has gone winless in a home test series in the month of June. Argentina's 21-19 home defeat against Scotland in Córdoba sees Daniel Hourcade's selection policy, of not fielding the strongest possible team, placed under scrutiny. Following on from two losses against Ireland Hourcade's team was defeated at the death by Scotland in a match in which both teams scored twice each. Questions were raised on social media as to the legality of Scotland's opening try as replays appeared to confirm that Stu Hogg had knocked-on. The referee, nonetheless, awarded the try without consulting the TMO. The incident took place very early on and Los Pumas had victory seemingly under control only to fall short. 

Credit: ESPN Scrum

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  1. Rugby has to be one of the cruellest sports around when it comes to more established teams rubbing underdogs´ noses in the dirt... Thank goodness for the Football World Cup, where you do actually get upsets quite regularly... I am thoroughly disillusioned with rugby at present (mainly for this reason, as well as the grotesque self interest of the big unions and the absurd policy of the UAR choosing NOT to pick their best payers for the Rugby Championship). I`ve seen far too many matches where underdogs get into a position to win a game, but then don`t know how to close the game. I guess this dull ache in my chest when the established team gets in front and inevitably wins playing badly against the underdog who has given their all... I feel so frustrated, angry, disappointed that this happens so much of the time. It`s just holding the game back from growing into a global sport... There`s so much talk, hope etc. of teams such as Canada, the USA, Argetina, Italy, Fiji, Samoa, Georgia and Japan etc. springing a surprise, but time after time they get into a good position then throw away the opportunity to win the game and to make history in the process...

    And just to point out--yes, I know Japan, Fiji and Samoa all beat Italy this year... but Italy isn`t an established rugby team (or founding union if you may)--politically they`re still treated badly by the international powers that be with only one vote on the IRB council... and they were almost thrown out of European Club rugby for "daring" to ask for a fair deal...eventually they caved in and agreed to a smaller slice of the pie than the other five 6 Nations unions.

    I`m going leaving rugby land for a while, these constant gallant losses for the underdog (with zero wins to show for it) are getting me down... I`m getting a one-way ticket out of rugby land for now... whether I get a return ticket or not depends on an underdog team actually getting an upset... But I think there`s more chance of pigs flying than that!

    Before I go, here are some losses this year that were particularly hard to take:

    SCOTLAND 21-20 ITALY in Rome (last min dropped goal from Duncan Weir)
    FRANCE 19-17 SCOTLAND in Edinburgh (OK, so Scotland are an established union, but they were very much underdogs here, and played out of their skins against a shocking French side who still won)
    IRELAND 29-17 ARGENTINA in Resistencia (Pumas compete well, but Ireland still win playing badly)
    IRELAND 23-17 ARGENTINA in Tucuman (Same story as in Resistencia)
    SCOTLAND 19-17 CANADA in Toronto (a poor Scottish side scrapes past Canada, denying them a huge upset)
    SCOTLAND 21-19 ARGENTINA in Cordoba (last min penalty from Duncan Weir, seeing Scotland beat an Argentine team who outplayed them for most of the game)
    SOUTH AFRICA 31-30 WALES in Nelspruit (OK, yes Wales are a founding union, but they were still very much an underdog against a poor Springbok side who benefited from two yellow cards and a last minute penalty try).

    Football World Cup, anyone?