Saturday, May 24, 2014

International Rugby: South American XV Squad to face Los Pumas

Argentina's official test team, Los Pumas is to take on an invitational South American XV in Santa Fé on May 31. Invovled are to be players from all of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela. The exhibition match is to be a non-international played the week before the first test of the year against Tier One opposition as Argentina will face Ireland in Resistencia on June 7.  

Although the majority of players set to feature for the CONSUR XV will be from Argentina there is, nonetheless, going to be a total of seven South American countries are to have test players featuring in the exhibition match in Santa Fé next Saturday. 

Players from both the CONSUR A and CONSUR B categories have been included in the squad with Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela each having one player. Argentine winger Tomás Carrío who faced Uruguay last weekend is included in the squad as is Lucas Maguire who is to debut for Argentina on Sunday against Chile in Santiago. 

A number of other players to have represented Argentina either at the senior or junior level are included in the squad. Wingers Dan Issack and Facundo Barrea are both to play a is fly half Santiago Poet. The team will face Argentina's leading domestic players with Daniel Hourcade utilizing the fixture as match practice ahead of the home series against Ireland and Scotland.

In 2013 the South America XV faced England in Montevideo before England faced Argentina in Salta and Buenos Aires. 

South American XV Squad
Facundo Maina (Marabunta, Alto Valle)
Roberto Tejerizo (Lawn Tenis, NOA)
Santiago Garcia Botta (Belgrano, Buenos Aires)
Ignacio Saenz Lancuba (San Cirano, Buenos Aires)

Tomás Baravalle (Jockey, Rosario)
Facundo Bosch (CUBA, Buenos Aires)

Franco Boldoni (Buenos Aires CR&C, Buenos Aires)
João Luiz Daros (Brazil)

Lautaro Casado (URU Cure, Córdoba)
Lisandro Ahualli (Universitario, NOA)
Nicolás Proto (Lawn Tenis, NOA)
Santiago Rocchia Ferro (Huirapuca, NOA)
Juan Martín Gueineau (Tucumán, NOA)
Martín Chiappessoni (Plaza, Buenos Aires)
Lucas Maguire (CUBA, Buenos Aires)
Ignacio Silva (Chile)
Gil Mejia (Colombia)
Eric Marcelo Gutierrez (Peru)

Gonzalo Bertranou (Los Tordos, Cuyo)
Marcos Bollini (Newman, Buenos Aires)
Carlos Eloy Barbosa (Venezuela)

Fly half
Santiago Poet (Plaza, Buenos Aires)
Bautista Guemes (CUBA, Buenos Aires)

Santiago Brex (San Cirano, Buenos Aires)
Juan Cappiello (Pucurá, Buenos Aires)

Facundo Barrea (Córdoba Athletic, Córdoba)
Tomás Carrío (Duendes, Rosario)
Dan Issack (Jockey, Rosario)
Diego Argaña (Paraguay)

Gonzalo Gutierrz Taboada (Newman, Buenos Aires)
Matías Masera (Belgrano, Buenos Aires)

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