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CONSUR: Uruguay defeat Chile to win South America Mayor A

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Uruguay defeated Chile 55-13 on Saturday afternoon in Montevideo to finish the South American Championship undefeated. Both Uruguay and Chile will now face Argentina in the first ever CONSUR Cup with the winner being the official South American Champion for 2014. For Uruguay the results put the team in good stead ahead of vital upcoming matches against international teams from Asia ad Europe.

Having pushed the USA hard and completed a home draw against the number three ranked country from the Americas recently, Uruguay's campaign against South American opposition this year is about the big picture. Uruguay is seeking a return to the Rugby World Cup and has a clear path to get there. 

In order for Los Teros to qualify the team needs to overcome Asia 2 and Europe 3. Matches in both continents on Saturday provided a strong nindication of who they will be. Hong Kong defeated South Korea to all but ensure it will be Asia 2 while Germany defeated Holand to set up a match against Russia with the winner being Europe 3. 

In preparing for the repercharge matches against the yet to be confirmed teams from Asia and Europe Uruguay took on Chile with the strongest possibile team made up of local based players. Uruguay was without players based in Europe and also had to make do without some players currently sidelined through injury. 

With Uruguay taking Chile seriously and using the opportunity to build Los Teros made history. Uruguay completed its biggest ever win over Los Condores by surpassing the record set in 2009. The 55-13 victory sees Chile finish the tournament behind not only Uruguay but also both Brazil ad Paraguay. As such Chile will not be in the 2015 CONSUR Cup. 

Chile's team that took on Uruguay, and earlier both Brazil and Paraguay, was for all intents purposes Chile B. The internal crisis involving Chilean rugby saw a weak side take to the field for all three test matches and the country now faces the possibility of losing to Argentina by a record margin in the CONSUR Cup. 

Uruguay did not take long to get the upper hand. Los Teros demonstrated superiority early on around the park and in the set piece and was leading 7-0 after just six minutes. Signs of it being a  long afternoon for Los Condores proved to be true as Chile was only able to hold off a rampant Los Teros performance for certain patches. The eight try performance was enjoyed by a crowd of 5,000 at the Estadio Charrúa.

Uruguay: 1. Alejo Corral, 2. Arturo Ávalo, 3. Oscar Durán; 4. Mathías Palomeque, 5. Santiago Vilaeca; 6. Juan Gaminara, 7. Diego Magno, 8. Alejandro Nieto; 9. Alejo Durán, 10. Rodrigo Silva; 11. Leandro Leivas, 12. Juan De Fteitas, 13. Joaquín Prada, 14. Federico Favaro; 15. Gastón Mieres. 

Chile: 1. Sebastián Valech, 2. Felipe Burgos, 3. Luis Sepulveda; 4. Ignacio Alvarez, 5. Mario Mayol; 6. Benjamín Soto, 7. Ignacio Silva (Capitán), 8. Anton Petrowitsch; 9. Jan Hasenlechner, 10. Cristian Onetto; 11. Italo Zunino, 12. Matias Verschae, 13. Matías Nordenflycht, 14. Martin Verschae; 15. Martín Fernández. 

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