Friday, May 9, 2014

CONSUR: South American Championship Teams for Round Three

Finaliza el Sudamericano Mayor “A” 2014
The third round of the 2014 South American Championship is to be played on Saturday afternoon. The first placed Uruguay will play host to Chile in Montevideo while the second placed Brazil will be looking to make history by winning two matches in the tournament. Brazil is to face the bottom placed Paraguay in an away match in Asunción. Should Brazil defeat Los Yacares it would see the Portuguese speaking nation finishing second for just the second time, as occurred in 1964. Argentina will face Chile and Uruguay in the following weeks to determine who is South American Champion.

Uruguay is expected to complete a third consecutive victory when it hosts the underperforming Chileans on Saturday. Chile has been unable to play to its usual standards due to the squad being below full strength and there having been internal strife. Los Condores have consequently underwhelmed wth Brazil completing a victory and Paraguay also coming to within one score of an upset victory.

Uruguay is nevertheless not using the match to give fringe players opportunities. To the contrary the Teros side named is very strong with the country's leading domestic based players named. Missing are those based abroad or unfit. Andres Vlaseca will not play as the twenty-three year old inside centre is sidelined through a shoulder injury. The severeness of the injury he sustained against the USA in Atlanta means that he will miss out on the next phase of Rugby World Cup 2015 qualification in which Uruguay will meet either Hong Kong or South Korea. 

Brazil's side named to face Paraguay is much changed as many rested for the match against Uruguay have been recalled to start against Los Yacares.With a spot in the line up for graps in the 2015 CONSUR Cup a win for the Brazilians would see the team not only finish third but also replace Chile in the 2015 edition of the tournament by, together with Uruguay, facing Argentina. 

Paraguay v Brazil, Club General Díaz, Asunción 

Paraguay: 1 Omar Rojas, 2 Juan Gavigán, 3 Alvaro Rojas, 4 Félix Zárate, 5 Williams Portillo, 6 Carlos Plate, 7 Marcos Riquelme, 8 Miguel Jara, 9 Gonzalo Bareiro, 10 Gerard Cuttier, 11 Eymard Brizuela, 12 Martín Ortiz, 13 Diego Argaña, 14 Rodrigo Llamosas, 15 Sergio Alvarenga
Brazil: 1 Jonatas Paulo, 2 Daniel Danielewicz, 3 Jardel Vettorato, 4 Pedro Rosa, 5 Lucas Piero de Moraes, 6  João Luiz da Ros, 7 Saulo Oliveira, 8 Nick Smith, 9 Leandro Castiglioni, 10 Pedro Di Pilla, 11 Andre Luis Nascimento, 12 Sandy Browne, 13 Martin Schaefer, 14 Pedro Henrique Lopes, 15 Guilherme Coghetto. 

Uruguay v Chile, Estadio Charrúa, Montevideo

Uruguay:  1 Alejo Corral, 2 Arturo Avalo, 3 Oscar Duran, 4 Mathías Palomeque, 5 Santiago Vilaseca, 6 Juan Gaminara, 7 Diego Magno, 8 Alejandro Nieto, 9 Alejo Duran, 10 Rodrigo Silva, 11 Leandro Leivas, 12 Juan de Freitas, 13 Joaqupin Prada, 14 Federico Favaro, 15 Gastón Mieres

Chile: 1 Sebastián Valech, 2 Felipe Burgos, 3 Luis Sepulveda, 4 Ignacio Alvarez, 5 Mario Mayol, 6 Benjamín Soto, 7 Ignacio Silva, 8 Anton Petrowitsch, 9 Jan Hasenlechner, 10 Cristian Ontetto, 11 Italo Zunino, 12 Matías Verschae, 13 Matías Nordenflycht, 14 Martín Verschae, 15 Martín Fernández

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