Saturday, May 17, 2014

CONSUR: Costa Rica granted IRB Associate Member status

The global sporting authoity of rugby, the IRB, has granted the Central American country of Costa Rica with Associate Member status.  Despite being a Central American country, and thus a part of North America, Costa Rica is a member of CONSUR rather than NACRA. 

On Friday the IRB confirmed CONSUR member, the Federación de Rugby de Costa Rica (FRCR) had been granted Associate member status, thus becoming the first Central American country to join the IRB. The region has other countries who could soon be added as rugby is experiencing notable growth in the region. 

Costa Rica hosted the 2013 CONSUR C competition, the third Tier of South American rugby. Also competing were Guatemala, El Salvador and, winners, Ecuador. Also present were Nicaragua and Panama who faced-off in a friendly international on December 7, the final day of the competition.

Costa Rica joins the IRB after having obtained CONSUR membership in 2011. Ecuador, El Salvador and Guatemala are already member unions of CONSUR. In total CONSUR has twelve member unions and NACRA has twenty, giving the Americas a combined total of more than both Oceania and Asia, the hosts of four Rugby World Cups before one has been hosted in the Americas. 


  1. the question is why America is divided in two? All together, we could make a better/stronger continent and perhaps one day to see more than 4 American sides in the RWC!
    Nevertheless, it is great news to hear that more American Nations get involved rather where they come from!

  2. i like nacra but it just seems like nacra doesnt really have the same pull or do the same as consur. why not have a side tournament broken into groups. and the winner plays usa and canada ( rotate so everyother year they play canada and the other usa) that way usa or canada can still gather points for irb standings and these lower tier countries in nacra can get a chance at playing a higher caliber country.

    i know $ is the 1 and only problem here. but i think nacra is just nothing and they need to do more. almost every one i speak with in the rugby community here in usa dont even realize that we belong to NACRA . sad. especially since usa just sends c team .