Tuesday, May 20, 2014

CONSUR: Brazilian Rugby donates 1.3 tons of food to those in need

Photo CBRu
The recent home test matches in Brazil gave the population the opportunity to attend matches for free on the condition that they donated 1KG of food. Rather than charge admission the Confederação Brasileira de Rugby (CBRu) simply required people attending the tests against Chile and Uruguay in São Paulo and Bento Gonçalves to help the CBRu contribute to charity. 

In Brazil rugby's governing body is fighting hard to establish a clean image. The desire is for rugby to be viewed as a game played hard, but played within rules and done so in a way that upholds respect for ones colleagues and the opposition. It is therefore looking to have rugby viewed in drastically different means than other sports within the country.

As part of building the profile of the sport in Brazil the governing body encouraged supporters to help contribute to Brazil under the slogan O Rugby é também solidariedade. The CBRu did not just suggest that their is solidarity in rugby too it actively proved it to be so. The recent home test matches against Chile and Uruguay saw a total of 1.3 tons of food donated at the matches in São Paulo and Bento Gonçalves.

Patrons were required to take 1KG of a non-perishable food such as salt, rice or sugar to the stadiums on match day and gain admission through the gates. The CBRu is to donate the food to the Ação Social do Bairro São Roque and more than 100 families identified as being in great need of help by the Assosiação de Moradores do Bairro São Roque (the Association of dwellers of São Roque Neighborhood). 

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