Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NACRA: Mexico to take on Bermuda this Saturday

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The national mens rugby team of Bermuda will travel to Mexico City this Thursday to prepare for this weekends test match between the nations. It is to be an official test match sanctioned by the IRB and one played between two official IRB members. Both countries are NACRA rugby playing nations. 

The 74th ranked Mexico will play host to the 53rd ranked Bermuda on Saturday April  26. It is a chance to further enhance the growing ties within the region. In recent years international relations in both North and South America haver developed firmly with greatly improved agendas that prioritize the future of the sport throughout the Western Hemisphere.  

Mexico is viewed as a tremendous opportunity for the game and the sport has grown substantially to now have over 2,500 players. Bermuda is using the fixture to preapre towards the northern Caribbean Championship games which are to see the Caribbean nation face the USA South in Atlanta, Georgia on May 10 and the Cayman Islands on June 7. 

Featuring against Mexico will be a combination of established and new players but team manager Mike Williams is more concerned with the heat and altitude than anything else. Williams pointed out that Mexico City is over 2,200 meters above sea level; the high altitude will sorely test our national team players’ fitness. Mexico has world ranking ambitions and have made it clear they want our scalp.”

Mexico was selected by the IRB to open the qualification process for Rugby World Cup 2015. The country played host to Jamaica on March 24 2012. It has previously been identified as a priority for the future of rugby. 

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  1. This is good news, I know that the IRB is doing their best to bring mexico to the world of rugby but we would not reach that point if we don't start to play local.
    In Mexico there's already an anually tournament, the season last more than 15 rounds and brings the game to all corners of the country. After if the Mexican Union should bring at least 3 test matches to promote as well between the players and audience the international feeling, the same one like in europe or sanzar.
    Perhaps we are not the best develope region, but nevertherless Nacra needs to improve a kind of subdivision exactly like in south america.

    by the way, hopefully Mexico defeat Bermuda, that would be a boost of at least 5 places in the world ranking.