Saturday, April 26, 2014

CONSUR: Uruguay defeat Paraguay in South American Championship

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Tournament favorites Uruguay came out on top over Asunción by defeating Paraguay 34-10 in a hard fought match.  After a close first half which saw Paraguay in front for a qignificant period Los Teros fought back to take the lead and control of the match. The bonus point victory is to be followed by an away match against Brazil next Saturday in Bento Gonçalves. 

Having come up short against the USA in the home and away Rugby World Cup qualification series Los Teros were given a chance to respond. The opening match of the 2014 South American Championship played in the Paraguayan capital of Asunción was ideal for Uruguay as it offered an opportunity to rest some leading players and see how others perform at international level. 

Uruguay's good form against the USA was not do or die. The second best South American rugby nation can still qualify for England & Wales 2015 via repercharge. Los Teros are to face Asia 2 and, if successful, then play the winner of Europe 3 v Africa 2 in the Final Place Play-Off in November. The road to the repercharge started today with an unconvincing 34-10 win over Paraguay.

The win was not popular with the Uruguayan rugby public. Calls of slow motion were made from Rugby News while posters on twitter were far from satisfied. Uruguay, though, should take the win and build for a tough assignment against Brazil next weekend. Uruguay was not at full strength but managed to complete a bonus point victory to sit at the top of the standings wth five competition points. 

Paraguay played with a lot of passion and started the better team. The Yakarés went out to a 7-0 lead in just the second minute after completing an interception to catch Los Teros off-guard. Uruguay hit back to level the scores but Paraguay went ahead 10-7 before Uruguay began to find its feet. At half time the match was very much open with Uruguay only having just gone ahead with its second try to hold a 15-10 advantage.

A different scenario presented itself in the second half as Uruguay took over. Los Teros performed better at the breakdown, in the set piece and with the ball in hand. Ten minutes into the second half the match appeared over as Uruguay had extended its lead to 27-10. Paraguay would not be able to score again as an Uruguayan side not playing to its best was able to cruise to a comfortable victory without conceeding any second half points.  

The previous test match between the countries was very different. On that occassion a stronger Uruguayan side defeated Paraguay 102-6.


Try: Sergio Alvarenga
Conversion Sergio Alvarenga
Penalty Sergio Alvarenga


Tries: Federico Favaro (2), Mathias Braun, Alejo Duran, Gabriel Puig
Conversions: Federico Favaro (3), 
Penalty: Federico Favaro, 

1 Omar Rojas, 2 Juan Gavigan, 3 Alvaro Rojas, 4 Felix Zarate, 5 Miguel Jara, 6 Carlos Plate, 7 Leonardo Glitz, 8 Marcos Riquelme, 9 Gonzalo Bareiro, 10 Gerard Cuttier; 11 Eymard Brizuela, 12 Martin Ortiz, 13 Diego Argaña, 14 Sergio Alvarenga, 15 Rodrigo Llamosas.
Reserves: 16 Igor Kostianovski, 17 Gustavo Zarate, 18 Carlos Ortiz, 19 Alvaro Paredes, 20 Carlos Bareiro, 21 Adrian Bogado, 22.- Horacio Agüero, 23.- Rodrigo Da Rosa.

1 Rodolfo De Mula, 2 Nicolás Klappenbach, 3 Francisco Jiménez, 4 Cristofer Soares de Lima, 5 Matías Beer, 6 Juan De Freitas, 7 Franco Lamanna, 8 Mathías Braun, 9 Francisco Vecino, 10 Matías Arocena, 11 Santiago Martínez, 12 Nicolás Freitas, 13 Joaquín Prada, 14 Federico Favaro, 15 Francisco López.

Reserves: 16 Carlos Arboleya, 17 Mateo Sanguinetti, 18 Juan Echeverría, 19 Agustín Alonso, 20 Gabriel Puig, 21 Gastón Gibernau, 22 Rodrigo Silva, 23 Alejo Durán.

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