Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CONSUR: Brazil team to face Chile

Photo CBRu
Brazil´s team to face Chile has not yet been released but Brazilian site Portal do Rugby has nonetheless gained access to it. Brazil will play host to Chile with the fourth ranked South American country looking for a rate win over a higher ranked CONSUR member. The match will be played at the Arena Barueri in Greater South Paulo on Saturday.  

The team leaked by Portal do Rugby is a combination of youth and experience but, overall, it is one vastly changed from that of previous editions of the South American Championship. Players missing from the team include the most notable Brazilian players Fernando Portugal, Mateus Duque and Daniel Gregg. In their place Brazil will be fielding some players yet to experience the level of rugby that Chile is expected to provide.

Curious is also the return of Diego Lopez but his exclusion from the starting lineup. Lopez was arguably the best performing Brazilian forward in both the 2013 South American Championship and also for Brazil at Rugby Sevens in recent seasons. Another notable Brazilian player to be in the team but as a replacement is Pedro Lopes who is a former junior player for French Top 14 side Grenoble. 

The side is coached by New Zealander Brent Frew. 

1 Jardel Vetoratto (Brummers)
2 Daniel Danielevicz (Desterro)
3 Jonathan (Band Saracens)
4 Pedro Rosa (Band Saracens)
5 Lucas Piero (Desterro)
6 João Luiz da Ros (Desterro)
7 Saulo (São José)
8 Nick Smith (SPAC)
8 Bruno Garcia (Jacareí)
10 Pedro di Pilla (Pasteur)
11 André Luiz (SPAC)
12 Sandy Browne (São José)
13 Martin Schaefer (SPAC)
14 Lucas Tranquez (SPAC)
15 Guilherme Coghetto (Farrapos)

16 Moisés Cavalleri (Farrapos)
17 Diego Pietrobon (Charrua)
18 Lucas Abud (SPAC)
19 Diego Lopez (Pasteur)
20 Leandro Amaral (SPAC)
21 Pedro Lopes (São José)
22 Jardel Mendonça (SPAC)
23 João Neto (SPAC)

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