Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CONSUR: 2014 South American Championship Dates and Venues

The 2014 South American Championship will begin this Saturday with two matches taking place. Paraguay will play host to Uruguay in Asunción and Brazil will host Chile in São Paulo. The structure of the tournament is much changed with it having not only expanded but been altered to be a tournament with all competitors hosting and playing matches on the road. Teams will do so with sufficient rest and recovery time unlike in the past. 

The organization and format of the new South American tournament match the rumors which indicated that CONSUR would have a much needed make-over. The new format is to involve five, rather than four, teams. It is also to be a two-tournament competition which will reduce the likelihood of their being lop-sides results. 

Paraguay is to replace Argentina in the Mayor A tournament with the top ranked South American nation instead facing Chile and Uruguay in a new tournament to take place after the Mayor A. Chile and Uruguay earned the right to do so by finishing in the top three of the 2013 South American Championship. Their matches against Argentina will be for the CONSUR Cup. 

Argentina´s fixtures in the CONSUR Cup are to be away matches. Los Pumas will face Uruguay in the Northwestern Uruguayan city of Salto and Chile in Santiago. The fixture against Los Teros will be history making as it is to be the first time that Salto will play host to a test match. The city is separated from Argentina by the River Uruguay. Across the river lies the city of Concordia in Entre Rios province. 

Uruguay´s other home match will be against Chile at the national rugby stadium, the Estadio Charrúa in the third round of the Mayor A. The second ranked South American rugby country wll play both Brazil and Paraguay in away matches. Chile is open the tournament against Brazil this coming Saturday while Uruguay will travel to Asunción to face los Yaraces. 

Round two wll see Brazil hosting Uruguay in the country´s southern most state, Rio Grande do Sul which borders Uruguay. The match will be played in the city of Bento Gonçalves on Saturday May 03. Chile will host Paraguay on the same date while the two countries will then play host to round three matches on Saturday May 10. 

South American Championship – Mayor A
Saturday April 26
Paraguay v Uruguay
Yacht y Golf Club, Asunción
Saturday April 26
Brazil v Chile
Arena Barueri, São Paulo
Saturday May 03
Brazil v Uruguay
Estádio das Montanhas, Bento Gonçalves
Saturday May 03
Chile v Paraguay
Campos Deportivos Saint Johns, Concepción
Saturday May 10
Uruguay v Chile
Estadio Charrúa, Montevideo
Saturday May 10
Paraguay v Brazil
Yacht y Golf Glub, Asunción

Saturday May 17
Uruguay v Argentina
Estadio Municipal, Salto
Sunday May 25
Chile v Argentina
San Carlos de Apoquindo, Santiago

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