Monday, March 24, 2014

RWC Qualifier: Carlos Pombo replaces Nicolás Klappenbach for Atlanta

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A change to the Los Teros squad has seen the country´s reserve hooker, Nicolás Klappenbach remain in Montevideo rather than travel to Atlanta for this Saturday´s Rugby World Cup Qualification match. Klappenbach is to become a father. Uruguay will face the USA in the away leg this Saturday with the winner qualifying for Rugby World Cup 2015 as Americas 2. The successful qualifier will face South Africa, Samoa, Scotland Asia 1.

Klappenbach was Uruguay´s reserve hooker against the USA on Saturday. The 31 year old made an appearance from the bench in place of captain Arturo Avalo. His place his the squad has been taken by Carlos Pombo who is the only different player to be involved in the squad from that which played in the 27-27 draw on Saturday. Both back-rower Diego Magno and inside centre Andrés Viaseca have both been cleared to fly to the USA. Both players suffered minor injuries on Saturday. 

Uruguay´s test squad spent yesterday preparing at the Estadio Charrúa. The team underwent a session of regeneration training to target areas of their game and of the opposition to work on. Los Teros are to fly to Atlanta this evening. The team will depart at 9:00pm and fly to Atlanta via Miami. The USA Eagles departed Montevideo on Sunday evening.  

Uruguay Squad
Rodolfo De Mula (PSG)
Mario Sagario (Massy, France)
Oscar Durán (Carrasco Polo)
Alejo Corral (San Isidro Club, Argentina)

Carlos Pombo (Old Boys)
Arturo Avalo (Carrasco Polo)

Mathias Palomeque (Trébol de Paysandú)
Cristofer Soares de Lima (Montevideo CC)
Santiago Vilaseca (Old Boys)

Juan De Freitas (Champangnat)
Alejandro Nieto (Champangnat)
Franco Lamanna (Carrasco Polo)
Juan Gaminara Tercera (Old Boys)
Diego Magno (Montevideo CC)

Agustín Ormaechea (Mont de Marsan, France)
Alejo Durán (Trébol de Paysandú)

Felipe Berchesi (Badía, Italy)

Joaquín Prada (Los Cuervos)
Andrés Vilaseca (Old Boys)

Leandro Leivas (Old Christians)
Francisco Bulanti (Trébol de Paysandú)

Gastón Mieres (Lobos de Punta del Este)
Jerónimo Etcheverry (Valpolicella, Italy)

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