Monday, March 10, 2014

CONSUR: Quito to acquire first rugby field in Ecuador

Los postes comienzan a erguirse en la nueva cancha Juan Chacón
Photo Juan Chacón

The performance of Ecuador on the international stage in 2013 showcased the possibilities for the future of the sport in South America. From seemingly out of nowhere Ecuador left its footprint on CONSUR by winning the regions third category competition. Coverage of Ecuadorian rugby has consequently increased and it is likely to continue with the history making confirmation that the country is now acquiring its first ever rugby field

The Federación Ecuatoriana de Rugby (FER) confirmed that the national capital of Quito is to have the first ever official rugby field in the country. The field is to be located at the Hacienda La Querencia which is twenty minutes from Quito itself. The field is to be inaugurated this year for the national Rugby Sevens championship which is to be the Copa Nelson Mandela. 

The new field is to be complete with a club house and will be ideal for families to attend matches on Saturday afternoons and even partake in additional activities including horseback riding and even sleeping on the site. FER President Nicolás De Napoli contends that around 200 people are to visit the facility every Saturday. 

Ecuador impressed in 2013. The South American country was involved in the CONSUR C tournament in Costa Rica and demonstrated its long term capabilities by upsetting the host nation and also defeating both El Salvador and Guatemala to win promotion to CONSUR B. The exact nature of the 2014 CONSUR B tournament remains unconfirmed though it is expected that it will see Ecuador´s national team, Los Piqueros, facing Colombia, Peru and Venezuela with Paraguay joining CONSUR A.

Having been crowned CONSUR C champions Ecuador is officially ranked ninth in CONSUR. It is, however, not an affiliated IRB member and therefore does not appear on the IRB World Rankings. It is ninth in CONSUR behind Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru. 

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