Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nacional de Clubes: Round Three Results

The third round of Argentina´s national club competition, the Nacional de Clubes was played earlier today. Competition in he tournament has proven to be high as after three rounds there are only three undefeated teams. The Nacional de Clubes is a UAR initiative aimed at exposing more players to a higher standard of rugby and bringing together top teams from different provinces to further encourage the progression of the domstic game. 

With  the Pampas XV having arrived home from Australia earlier in the week there were some players such as Javier Rojas and Santiago Iglesias Valdez from the IRB Pacific Cup involved in round three of the Nacional de Clubes. Also involved were other players of note to have previously been capped by Argentina. Players including Francisco Bosch, Julio Farías Cabello, Agustín Gosio and Hernán Senillosa all featured.

Round Three Results
Pool 1
CASI 26-22 GE Rosario
CUBA 15-3 Uni Tucumán

1 CUBA 13
2 U Tucumán 9
3 CASI 5
4 GE Rosario 2

Pool 2
SIC 15-3 Santiago LT
J Córdoba 18-39 Duendes

1 Duendes 15
2 Santiago Lawn Tennis 9
3 San Isidro C 5
4 Jockey Córdoba 1

Pool 3
Belgrano 30-29 Tucumán RC
Hindú 25-26 La Tablada

1 Hindú 11
2 Belgrano 9
3 Tucumán RC 6
4 La Tablada 4 

Pool 4 
J Rosario 29-32 Alumni
Tala RC 37-24 Newman

1 Tala 14
2 Alumni 7
3 Jockey Rosario 7
4 Newman 5

Belgrano v Tucumán RC 
Video: ESPN Scrum

CUBA v Uni Tucumán
Video: ESPN Scrum

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