Thursday, March 27, 2014

CONSUR: The UAR is to assist rugby´s growth in Paraguay

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An agreement between the governing bodies of rugby in Argentina and Paraguay is to see Argentine rugby officials training Paraguay´s coaches in an effort to improve Paraguay´s national team, Los Yacarés. The positive news comes a month before Paraguay´s return to CONSUR A in the 2014 South American Championship. 

Work between the UAR and the FPR is to begin in April, allowing some time for Paraguay to possibly benefit ahead of the 2014 South American Championship which is to begin on April 26. Paraguay is to face Brazil, Chile and Uruguay in the competition and is looking for improved results after it has just returned to the CONSUR A tournament from CONSUR B.

With Paraguay ranked just below Brazil in the IRB World Rankings and Brazil´s national team showing signs of regression the help coming from the UAR will enable Paraguay to prepare for future test matches with new found confidence. Paraguay has also recently confirmed the construction of a national rugby stadium which will be used for the purposes of training and for international test matches in the country. 

Already confirmed as one of the UAR officials is former Pumas tighthead prop Mauricio Reggiardo. The veteran of fifty test matches and Rugby World Cups 1999 and 2003 He also played for Castres in the Top 14 from 1996-2005. As a coach he acted as an understudy to former Pumas coach Santiago Phelan. 

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