Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Paraguay is to build a National Rugby Stadium

Rugby in Paraguay is set for a tremendous boost following the confirmation that the South American country is set to have a new national rugby stadium constructed. The new facilities announced by the Paraguayan Rugby Union (URP) are to include a field and training facilities in addition to seating for 1,300 spectators.  

Paraguay is the latest rugby playing nation in the Americas to join the growing trend of investing in the sport of rugby following the inclusion of Rugby Sevens in the Olympic Games. In 2012 the URP reached an agreement with the national Olympic Committee to obtain control of a small, but valuable, area in the capital, Asunción for the next twenty years. Construction has begun and is scheduled to be completed in September. 

The location is in a prime area in terms of the country and the sport of rugby. It is central in both manners and will enable Paraguay to bridge the gap between itself and the other members of CONSUR A. Of the other CONSUR A nations Argentina, Chile and Uruguay either have or are in the process of acquiring facilities that are to be under the control of the national rugby governing bodies. 

The rugby community in Paraguay can therefore look forward to producing an improved standard of rugby and also to hosting rugby tests more often in a revolutionized CONSUR A format. The proposed new format, still under consideration, is to see Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay play each other home and away in a annual competition with the winner facing Argentina in a South American Final.

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