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Punta del Este Sevens Results Day One

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International Rugby Sevens competition is underway for 2014 with Uruguay´s most presigious annual event, el Seven de Punta del Este having started on Friday evening in the resort city located on the mouth of the Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean. 

Combining club sides, composite teams and international Sevens sides the twenty-fifth edition of the tournament is an important part of the South American rugby calendar. On day one the pool results went the way of visiting teams from Argentina and South Africa but there were also victories for the international Sevens sides from Brazil and Uruguay.  

Pool A was won by composite side Moby Dick who will face Los Pampas 7´s in the first Quarter Final to be played at 5:50pm today. The second Quarter Final will se A Buenos Aires v Córdoba encounter as Liceo Naval takes on La Tablada twenty minutes after the first Cup Quarter Final. The host nation, Uruguay will face URBA in another Quarter Final while Argentine province Entre Ríos will face the South African Academy in the final Quarter Final to be played at 6:50pm. 

Semi Finals and the Final will follow while the day will also feature play-offs in other categories as day two is to feature a total of twenty-one matches. Complete results from the opening day are as follows:

Day One Results
16:00 POOL A Jockey Salta 7-12 Carrasco Polo 
16:20 POOL B Moby Dick 31-5 Universidad Católica 

16:40 POOL C Liceo Naval 19-12 Old Boys Centennial 
17:00 POOL D La Tablada 25-0 Old Christians 
17:20 POOL E Uruguay 17-0 Paraná Rowing 
17:40 POOL F Rosario 12-28 Trébol 
18:00 POOL G Old Boys 33-17 Newman 
18:20 POOL A Carrasco Polo 7-36 Pampas 7 
18:40 POOL B Salta 24-19 Universidad Católica 
19:00 POOL C Old Boys Centennial 19-21 Brasil 
19:20 POOL D URBA 34-10 Old Christians 
19:40 POOL E Paraná Rowing 0-31 La Plata 
20:00 POOL F Entre Ríos 12-10 Trébol 
20:20 POOL G South Africa Academy 26-5 Old Boys  
20:40 POOL A Pampas 7 33-12 Jockey Salta 
21:00 POOL B Salta 5-33 Moby Dick 
21:20 POOL C Brasil 7-14 Liceo Naval 
21:40 POOL D URBA 7-17 La Tablada 
22:00 POOL F Entre Ríos 21-14 Rosario 
22:20 POOL G South Africa Academy 31-0 Newman
22:40 POOL E Uruguay 31-10 La Plata

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