Monday, January 6, 2014

Gasoline and Rugby in Uruguay - The Teros Fund

Photo Credit: URU
With home based Uruguayan rugby players having no source of direct income from rugby members of the national team, Los Teros, have established the Fondo Teros. The initiative will enable the general public to help raise funds for the players. 

When filling up ones car at the ANCAP de Los Toscas service station located at 48KM on the Interbalnearia and the Estación Esso de Punta del Este on Calles 20 and 30, clients can now choose to help Uruguayan rugby. By filling up and asking for their corresponding receipt part of the customers money spent will directly go to the Fondo Teros.

The Teros fund is a measure taken to assist the players in preparing for what awaits them in 2014, including Rugby World Cup qualifying matches against the USA in March. This year is to be critical for Los Teros with it being make or break time for Rugby World Cup 2015.

The union has undertaken notable measures that have seen the Estadio Charrúa become a rugby oriented and run facility. With it being upgraded to include advanced training facilities Uruguayan players now have a much better means of preparation. Increased funding that will directly come from the Teros Fund will ensure that Uruguay has its most realistic chance of qualifying for a Rugby World Cup since 2007. 

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