Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Córdoba and Rosario contenders to host Argentina v Scotland in June

Estadio Mario Kempes - Córdoba

Despite the UAR having not yet announced where Argentina´s home internationals are to be played in 2014 the venues for five of the six matches are all but confirmed. Ireland´s two match tour will see the Irish play in Resistencia and Tucumán while the Rugby Championship venues are to see New Zealand return to La Plata, Salta hosting the Springboks and Australia playing in Mendoza. The location for the international against Scotland remains unknown but the latest information coming out of Argentina suggests that either Córdoba or Rosario will likely play host to the fixture.

The Estadio Mario Kempes in Córdoba appears a strong candidate to be added to the five strongly rumoured venues to give Los Pumas six different cities to play home test matches in this year. The stadium has previously played host to international rugby with test matches taking place against Fiji in 2003, Italy in 2008 and France in 2010. 

It was also an important part of the 2011 Copa América, playing host to four matches including Argentina v Costa Rica. With a capacity of 57,000 it is a strong option for Argentina to use as a potential venue for an Argentine hosted Rugby World Cup. With the city located 770KM from Buenos Aires it also enhances Argentina´s candidacy by underlining the country´s ability to host crucial World Cup matches in diverse locations. 

Sources suggesting that Córdoba will indeed play host to the fixture have come from Argentine media outlets. Earlier today Santa Fé newspaper El Litoral reported that the chances of the province hosting an international rugby match in 2014 were slim. President of the Union Santafesina de Rugby, Pedro Benet confirmed that should his province play host to Los Pumas in 2014 it would be in a Pre-Rugby Championship match and not an international.  

Santa Fé province hosted Rugby Championship matches against Australia in 2012 and 2013 with Rosario playing host to the matches on both occassions. The provincial capital, Santa Fé hosted a test match against Ireland in 2007 and hosted a pre-Rugby Championship fixture against Stade Français in 2012.

Rosario is nonetheless still in the running with the Córdoba rugby union having said that Rosario is the most likely location for the test match against Scotland. Should Córdoba miss out then efforts will be made to secure a test match in 2015. With there being no June internationals this would mean a Rugby Championship match in what will be a reduced competition due to he World Cup.


  1. Uh? Paul, I think you'll find there are still June internationals next year. And the RC will still be 6rounds. It was truncated last time but that was because there were more rounds when the Tri-Nations teams played each other three times.

    Also, is Stadio Mario Kempes a football only stadium? If so, how come it is an oval?

    1. The 2015 Rugby Championship will be reduced with teams hosting two matches each and playing two on the road. According to reports Argentina is not to play in South Africa.

      The 2011 Tri Nations had six matches in total whereas in 2010 there were nine. With Argentina being added the new model is 12 but in World Cup year it will be reduced from the three stage competition at present to two. Each team will thus play one less match at home and on the road.

      Format yett o be confirmed but this is what has been said in the Argentine press.

      No June tours in World Cup year any longer.

      The Stadio Mario Kempes has an athletics track.

    2. That's interesting to hear Paul. Next year hasn't even been talked about in the NZ press yet. No June tours either? That and the reduced RC programme would mean quite a reduction of income for ARG & the SANZAR nations as there's always been June tours before. I guess the IRB must be topping the RC teams up to make up for it otherwise I'm sure the RC unions wouldn't allow that decision to pass at IRB level.

      Oh no, the athletics track strikes again! There's two things as a rugby fan I hate about certain stadiums. One is oval stadiums for football codes. Two is stadiums with athletics tracks! No one wants to be watching the game from a million miles away! That's why football-code specific stadiums are much better than multi-use stadiums. We've suffered from "multi-use stadium" syndrome in NZ for well over a century. It's only after the Waikato and Dunedin stadiums were built and since more NZers have travelled overseas and been to football-specific stadiums in Europe that minds are now, (finally!) changing.