Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mar del Plata Sevens Day 1

Se viene el Dove Men Sevens en Mar del Plata
Day one of the Mar del Plata leg of the CONSUR Sevens came to a close with Argentina and Uruguay well placed in the womens division after both sides won their two matches. In the mens section the teams to have impressed were the Pampas 7s side and Buenos Aires. Competition will continue on Sunday afternoon. 

Present in Mar del Plata on Saturday were a number of former Pumas including Agustín Pichot, Rodrigo Roncero and Eduardo Simone. Also watching was Argentine headcoach Daniel Hourcade who has the task of turning around the performances of 2013 to win in 2014 and build a team capable of going far at Rugby World Cup 2015. 

Competing were top clubs from Buenos Aires province and much of Argentina. Also involved were the womens teams from Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay while the mens Sevens sides from Chile and Paraguay playedin preperation of next weekends competition in the Chilean city of Viña del Mar. 

Saturday Results
15:00 Regatas 19-15 Hindú 
15:20 Jockey 19-7 Sporting 

15:40 Alumni 17-14 Mar del Plata 
16:00 SIC 17-5 Biguá 
16:20 Chile 10-0 Paraguay
16:40 Buenos Aires 17-7 Mar del Plata 
17:00 Salta 34-5 Sur 
17:20 Pampas 7 33-0 Entre Ríos 
17:40 Paraguay 5-17 Uruguay (womens)
18:00 Argentina 22-5 Chile (womens)
18:20 Regatas 7-10 Jockey 
18:40 Sporting 12-38 
19:00 Alumni 38-0 SIC 
19:20 Biguá 5-12 Mar del Plata 
19:40 Chile 21-5 Mar del Plata 
20:00 Buenos Aires 46-0 Paraguay 
20:20 Salta 10-0 Entre Ríos 
20:40 Pampas 7's 34-7 Sur 
21:00 Chile 0-38 Uruguay (womens)
21:20 Argentina 17-5 Paraguay (womens)
21:40 Regatas 41-19 Sporting 
22:00 Hindú 7-14 Jockey 

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