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Uruguay v Spain November 2013 - Full Match

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The thriteen teams confirmed thus far as participants at Rugby World Cup 2015 will be joined by three others in March 2014 and others in the following months. March will bring and end to the 2013-2014 European Nations Cup (ENC) and also see the North America v South America play-off between the USA and Uruguay.

Uruguay is one of few teams not to have played at Rugby World Cup 2011 that can be said to have a realistic chance of qualifying for Rugby World Cup 2015. It, nonetheless, suffers from its geographical position which sees the IRB ignore the level of rugby of Los Teros. Despite finishing as the top South American qualifier Uruguay did not advance to England and Wales 2015. Instead it needs to face the North American runner-up.

It is a policy that is not replicated in any other continent. Indeed, despite CONSUR being an IRB defined region, there is no direct qualifcation spot allocated to the winner. In Asia Japan faces only lower ranked sides than Uruguay, in Oceania Fiji has it even easier with the Cook Islands being its opponent while in Africa the top ranked Namibia is ranked lower than Uruguay but will, nonetheless, qualify directly should it win the African qualification zone.

The runner-up from Africa will have a chance at qualifying as the Play-Off Winner via reperchaarge. It will be joined by the loser of the USA v Uruguay (Americas 3), Asia 2 and Europe 3. The Europe 3 qualifier should be Russia but could possibly be either Portugal or Spain. With Russia failing to have produced the same level of rugby that saw the world´s largest country play at Rugby World Cup 2011 it sits in thrid position half way through the qualifying process and neither Georgia nor Romania are likely to lose a match, aside from against one-another. 

Spain is a team that could be termed a dark horse for qualification. It needs to finish third which will entail beating both Belgium, Portugal and Spain and requiring other results to go against its competitors. Spain´s match against Uruguay last month underlined the comparable levels of the Spanish speaking rivals. Spain and Uruguay are, in 2013, very much neck-and-neck with the evenly matches sides having traded wins in recent years. Their match in November 2013 was played at the Estadio Churrúa which is the URU´s home venue in Montevideo.

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