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PladAR Senior Squad Members for 2014

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The UAR has confirmed the list of senior players for the 2014 PladAR - Argentina´s Plan de Alto Rendimento. The list contains a total of seventy-two players which are divided into three contrasting categories: contracted players, grantees and official guests. 

2014 is to be the fifth year of Argentina´s High Performance Plan and looms as being the most important to date due to the need to produce a stable group of players to call upon for international duty in June aganist Ireland and Scotland. Home losses in June 2012 and 2013 against France and England demonstrated the gap between the PladAR players and Pumas contracted to European clubs. 

One player to have featured in the home losses has been left out altogether. Julio Farías Cabello will not be playing rugby for Argentina until after June 2013. At 35 years of age he, therefore, remains open to the possibility of future test rugby but should he play again it would be after a long recovery as he has been a mainstay since November 2010 for Argentina and Los Pampas XV. 

While he will miss out on the Pacific Cup the Racing Métro contracted Tomás Lavanini will not. The 20 year old is to be available for Los Pampas XV until June 2014. Lavanini is one of a number of young players with a lot of potential that could very well be included in the senior squad for Rugby World Cup 2015. In addition to Lavanini Toulon´s Facundo Isa is included. 

The pair were both in the 2013 IRB Junior World Championship and account for two of the eighteen contracted senior players. The others include former Gloucester hooker Matías Cortese and a list otherwise consisting of home players believed to be of long term value to the national test side. It is for this reason that contracted players correspond to the positions in which Argentina is in greatest need of more depth. Lavanini, for instance, is the only second-rower due to Argentina having Patricio Albacate, Manuel Carizza, Mariano Galarza and others to call upon from Europe and Japan. 

Indeed no fly half has been included in the list of contracted seniors. Instead junior fly half Patricio Fernández is one of three under 20 grantees while CUBA fly half Bautista Guemes has been included as an invitational senior and the trio of Santiago Iglesias González, Benjamín Madero and Sebastian Poet have been selected as senior grantees. Fernández is likely to get game time for Argentina in 2014 while the others are to be utilized more for Argentina´s other commitments outside of the Pacific Cup. That is the Tbilisi Cup in June, the South American Championship in May and the Americas Rugby Championship in October.

This is not to imply that players listed below the senior contracted players level are not in the frame for international duty this year. To the contrary there will certainly be players getting game time with examples of prop Nahuel Lobo, second-rower Matías Alemano and back-rower Tomás de La Vega all likely to play in June. Also of note is the inclusion of Martín Rodríguez Gurruchaga who ended his contract with Stade Français to return to Rosario. 

The number of players listed is a reflection of the will of the UAR to keep as many players as possible in Argentina as the union´s new policy of player control is underway in advance of the likely addition of Argentina to Super Rugby for the 2016 season. The 2014 High Performance plan is to begin on January 16 at the respective PLADAR centres in Argentina with the Seniors set to have a national concentration in Buenos Aires from January 27-31. 

Contracted Seniors 
Bruno Postiglioni (La Plata, URBA)
Ramiro Herrera (Hindú, URBA)

Matías Cortese (Liceo, CUYO)
Santiago Iglesias Valdes (Uni Tucumán, Tucumán)

Tomás Lavanini (Racing Métro, France)

Rodrigo Baez (Liceo, Cuyo)
Javier Orteda Desio (SIC, URBA)
Benjamín Macome (Tucumán, Tucumán)
Isa Facundo (Toulon, France)

Martín Landajo (CASI, URBA)
Tomás Cubelli (Belgrano, URBA)

Javier Rojas (Uni Tucumán, Tucumán)
Geronimo de La Fuente (Duendes, Rosario)
Matías Moroni (CUBA, URBA)
Matías Orlando (Huirapuca, Tucumán)

Manuel Montero (Pucara, URBA)

Santiago Cordero (Regatas, URBA)
Ramiro Moyano (Lince, Tucumán)

Senior Grantess 
Francisco Piccinini (SIC, URBA)

Santiago Garcia Botta (Belgrano, URBA)
Nahuel Lobo (Unattaches) 
Lucas Noguera Paz (Lince, Tucumán)
Julian Montoya (Newman, URBA)
Tomás Baravalle (Jockey Club, Rosario)
Santiago Rocchia Ferro (Huirapuca, Tucumán)
Lucas Ponce (CUBA, URBA)
Matías Alemano (La Tablada, Córdoba)
Tomás De La Vega (CUBA, URBA)
Francisco Panessi (Jockey, Córdoba)
Rodrigo Bruno (Jockey Vila Maria, Córdoba)
Martín Chiapessoni (Atletico Rosario, Rosario)
Antonio Ahualli (SIC, URBA)
Lisando Ahualli (Uni. Tucumán, Tucumán)
Felipe Ezcurra (Hindú, URBA)
Marcos Bollini (Newman, URBA)
Santiago González Iglesias (Alumni, URBA)
Benjamín Madero (SIC, URBA)
Sebastian Poet (Atletico Rosario, Rosario)
Facundo Barrea (Córdoba Athletic, Córdoba)
Dan Issak (Jockey Club, Rosario)
Juan Cappiello (Pucara, URBA)
Ignacio Brex (San Cirano, URBA)
Matías Masera (Belgrano, URBA)
Tomás Carrio (Duendes, Rosario)
Macario Villaluenga (Huirapuca, Tucumán)
Gonzalo Gutierrez Taboada (Newman, URBA)
Roman Miralles (Duendes, Rosario)

Under 20 Grantess

Tomás Ramirez (Jockey Club, Córdoba)
Guido Petti (SIC, URBA)
Patricio Fernández (Jockey Club, Rosario)

Invitational Seniors 
Ignacio Lancuba Saenza (San Cirano, URBA)
Roberto Tejerizo (Lawn Tennis, Tucumán)
Facundo Bosch (CUBA, URBA)

Gonzalo Manso (Tucumán, Tucumán)
Esteban Viale (Marista, Cuyo)
Nicolás Mirande (Tucumán, Tucumán)
Cesár Frutero (Jockey Vila Maria, Córdoba)
Lucas Maguire (CUBA, URBA)
Nicolás Proto (Tucumpan, Tucumán)
Facundo Lago (URU, Córdoba)
Juan Guerinau (Tucumán, Tucumán
Fidel Lamy (Banco, Cuyo)
Lautaro, Casado (URU, Córdoba)
Rodolfo Ambrosio (Tala, Córdoba)
Gonzalo Bertranou (Los Tordos, Cuyo)
Pedro Imhoff (Duendes, Rosario)
Bautista Guemes (CUBA, URBA)
Augusto Lopez (Tucumán, Tucumán)
Brian Ormson (Pucura, URBA)
Joaquin Paz (Córdoba Atheltic, Córdoba)
Martín Rodríguez Gurruchaga, Atheltic Rosario, Rosario)
Juan Estelles (Atheltic Rosario, Rosario)

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