Friday, December 6, 2013

France, Italy and Scotland loom for Argentina in November 2014

Marcelo Bosch scored his first test try in Lille in November 2012
With three of the six members of the Six Nations having confirmed their incoming tours next November the teams that Argentina will not be facing have been revealed. 

Earlier today the IRFU confirmed that Ireland would be hosting test matches against Australia, South Africa and a Tier Two European opponent, likely Georgia. It followed earlier announcements from the WRU that Wales would be hosting the three SANZAR nations while the RFU has England playing four tests with Samoa joining the three SANZAR nations by playing at Twickenham. 

Argentina, thus, will not play against England, Ireland or Wales leaving it will a yhet to be confirmed tour that will see Los Pumas face France, Italy and Scotland in Europe in November 2014. The order of the matches could come in any order and there is also a range of options for where the matches will be played. The FFR has utilized a variety of cities to host Argentina. Indeed since Rugby World Cup 2007 the three matches in France were played at Marseilles, Montpellier and Lille. 

The FIR has been similar in this regard as the 2013 match against Argentina in Rome was a change after Los Pumas had appeared in Turin and Verona in 2008 and 2010. With the FIR continuing to move matches to a number of Italian cities every November Argentina´s likely test match could again be played in a different city. In contrast the test against Scotland will almost certainly be played at the home of the SRU, Murrayfield in Edinburgh.

The November tour will bring an end to a long year which will see Argentina playing three tests in June and six in the Rugby Championship from August to October. The ten tests will also see capped internationals occur against South American opposition. Details of the 2014 South American Championship are yet to be made official while the dates and venues of Argentina´s home tests in June have, similarly, not yet been made public. It is, nonetheless, known that Argentina will host Ireland twice and Scotland once. 


  1. I wonder if a game v Romania might actually be a possibility. I think it would be unusual for Argentina to go back to Italy two years in a row. Usually Italy don't play the same teams from the previous November. And with Ireland to play two tier 1 teams and one tier 2, probably Georgia, Argentina might be the same. And if Georgia is getting a tier one fixture, you'd think the IRB would be trying to get one for Romania as well. Or maybe Romania will get Samoa like Georgia did this year.

    1. Certainly a possibility and one I would like to see very much. Italy hosted Argentina twice between World Cups 2003-2007 & 2007-2011.

      Ita v Arg 2005, Genoa
      Ita v Arg 2006, Rome

      Ita v Arg 2008, Turin
      Ita v Arg 2010, Verona

      Likely to continue in 2014 with RSA and Aus not playing in Italy. It is not official yet but Aus will play:

      Nov 8 v Wal
      Nov 15 v Fra
      Nov 22 v Irl
      Nov 29 v Eng
      Dec 6 v Great Britain Rugby League

      RSA will be a Grand Slam Tour as follows:

      Nov 8 v Irl
      Nov 15 v Eng
      Nov 22 v Sco
      Nov 29 v Wal

      Argentina´s likely dates are thus as follows:

      Nov 8 v Sco
      Nov 15 v Ita
      Nov 22 v Fra

  2. I see from another forum that has a Romanian rugby thread that both Scotland & Italy declined Romanian requests for a November game but that if Romania gets direct RWC qualification (which seems probable) in the Northern spring the French could be open to a November match. Quite frankly the IRB should be putting the heat on Scotland & Italy by saying if you don't play a tier two game, we'll take away one of your tier one games. That would probably bring the desired result!

  3. BTW what's with Australia union v GB rugby league next year??! Comemorative centenary game or something?