Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2014 Pacific Cup

Details of the 2014 Pacific Cup are soon to be made official and Argentine site Periodismo Rugby has stated that it is to be a ten team competition which will involve the best domestic based players from five nations in addition to the great squad members of Australia´s five Super Rugby franchises. 

Argentina´s best domestic based players will again come together to compete as Los Pampas XV. The change from the Vodacom Cup to the Pacific Cup is good news for Argentine rugby as its looks to build bridges into a region in which it has had limited contact previously. It is also going to be a more cost-effective tournament with the UAR set to spend significantly less than what was the case in South Africa.

Argentina´s players will also become familiar with Tongan rugby and with Argentina and Tonga set to face-off in Rugby World Cup 2015 it is a unique opportunity of better understanding how Tonga plays. Many of Argentina´s players are going to play in the World Cup and there will also be test caps in the 2014 Rugby Championship. Matches in the Pacific Cup against Australian franchises is therefore also going to be of great value to Los Pumas. 

Despite Agustín Pichot having said that the USA would also participate it has been confirmed that this is not going to be the case. Curtis Reed of This is American Rugby cleared the issue after talking to USA Eagles Head Coach Mike Tolkin. As such the ten competing teams are to be as follows:

2014 Pacific Cup 
Pampas XV 
New South Wales
Western Australia


  1. so to clarify, this is not the pacific nations cup, just so happens to be called the pacific cup.

  2. to bad usa cant get a "B" side or made up "all star" club involved