Monday, November 25, 2013

Daniel Hourcade to coach Argentina to the World Cup

Photo UAR
Interim Argentine headcoach Daniel Hourcade will remain in charge of the team until Rugby World Cup. UAR President Luis Castillo confirmed that confidence has been given to former Los Jaguares and Pampas XV coach from Tucumán. 

With there being less than two years to go and Hourcade known to be highly experimental in player selection and open to playing an expansive brand of rugby the confirmation does not come as a major surprise. It had  nonetheless previously been pointed out that there would be an announcement made in 2014, possibly in March together with the election of the next UAR President. 

In his three matches in charge thus far Hourcade has a record of one win from three matches and he fielded twenty-one players in the starting lineups including Gabriel Ascárate, Benjamín Macome and 19 year old Santiago Cordero. He also gave Joaquín Tuculet test starts in two of the three tests at fullback after Santiago Phelan had never started him for a full strength Pumas team. Also of note is the selection of Horacio Agulla at outside centre. 

Hourcade will now have time on his side to prepare a Pumas team to face Ireland and Scotland in June 2014 and then play in the third edition of the Rugby Championship. With Ireland having outplayed the All Blacks and lost in overtime the tour will see a very strong team visiting the south Atlantic and Hourcade will need to assemble a superior group of players than that which faced England and Georgia in June 2013. 


  1. Wow! I always remember being impressed by the rugby that was played at the 2011 vodacom cup, and be thinking... this is the future.

    But is this a full bus or a train crash?

    What I mean is, as a purist rugby coach and an identifier of young talent, he can't be doubted.

    However this a different situation. How will he deal with the Roy Keanesques personality of Albacete, the negociations of the big European clubs not to mention being an outsider, as he hails from the north, rather than the URBA.

    It's a bigger picture than youth development or Los Pampas 15.

    I do have a feeling though, that we'll see a lot more home based players and young players at that being selected and more tries.

    Sadly enough the loses will continue. Roll on 2019!

  2. What evidence do you have that Patricio Albacete has a "Roy Keanesques" personality?