Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Uruguay Squad announced for November

Lista de jugadores Preseleccionados para la Ventana de Noviembre
Photo: URU
The coaching staff of the Uruguayan national rugby team, Los Teros have announced a thirty man squad for international duty in November. The squad will be narrowed down for the only test that los Teros will play in the autumn - against Spain in Montevideo on Saturday November 16 at the national stadium, Estadio Charrua.

The Uruguayan squad is strong but not at 100%. Missing are Leandro Leivas and Rodrigo Capó Ortega. The 32 year old Castres second-rower Capó Ortega has not played for his country since 2009 but has shown his intention of changing this for March as he is set to return to international duty to face the USA in the North America v South America play-off for the right to play in Rugby World Cup 2015. the winner will quality as Americas 2 and face Samoa, Scotland, South Africa and the winner of Asian qualification. The matches are to be played on March 22 and 29 in the cities of Montevideo, Uruguay and Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 

Although Capó Ortega is missing there are, nonetheless, a list of professional players in the squad but from lower divisions. Prop Mario Sagario plays int he French third division, the Fédérale 1 for Massy in the capital, Juan Diego Ormaechea plas for Le Creusot in the fourth division (Fédérale 2) while Agustín Ormaechea is a Espoir for Mont de Marsan which was relegated from the Top 14 last season. Joining the French based players are three who play in the Serie A in Italy. Fly half Felipe Beschesi plays for Badía while centre Alberto Román and fullback Jerónimo Etcheverry both play for Valpolicella. Also in the squad is Alejo Corral who plays prop for SIC in Buenos Aires. 

Los Teros
Rodolfo De Mula (PSG)
Alejo Corral (SIC, Argentina)
Mario Sagario (Massy, France)
Juan Pedro Rombys (Trébol)
Òscar Durán (Carrasco Polo)
Francisco Jiménez (Champagnat)
Juan Echeverría (Old Christians Club)

Arturo Àvalo (Carrasco Polo)
Nicolás Klaénbach (Champagnat)

Alejandro Nieto (Champagnat)
Santiago Vilaseca (Old Boys)
Matías Palomeque (Trébol)
Franco Lamanna (Carrasco Polo)

Juan Diego Ormaechea (Le Creusot, France)
Juan de Freitas (Champagnat)
Diego Magno (MVCC)
Juan Gaminara (Old Boys)
Fernando Bascou (PSG)

Agustín Ormaechea (Mont de Marsan, France)
Alejo Durán (Trébol)
Frnacisco Vecino (Carrasco Polo)

Fly half
Felipe Berchesi (Badía, Italy)
Rodrigo Silva (Carrasco Polo)

Andrés Vilaseca (Old Boys)
Alberto Román (Valpolicella, Italy)
Joaquín Prada (Los Cuervos)

Santiago Gibernau (Carrasco Polo)
Francisco Bulanti (Trébol)

Gastón Mieres (Lobos)
Jerónimo Etcheverry (Valpolicella, Italy)

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