Monday, August 26, 2013

USA v Uruguay Rugby World Cup qualifiers set for March


With Canada having been declared Americas 1, by virtue of winning the two match North American qualifying series against the USA, the USA Eagles will now face Uruguay to determine who is Americas 2. The home and away series was to be played this November but the matches will instead be played in April 2014, to coincide with the final stages of the European Nations Cup. USA Rugby revealed on facebook that the games will be played in March.The first match will take place in Uruguay while the USA will host the return fixture. 

Details are yet to be confirmed as to where the matches will be played but it is all but certain that Uruguay´s home fixture will take place in the capital of Montevideo at the national rugby stadium - Estadio Churrúa. The USA´s home match could, in theory, be played in a wide number of places. The identical fixture played in 2009 took place in Florida.


  1. The American rugby championship will take on more signifigance in October because of this.

    Expect both the USA and URU to field stronger teams.

    Argentina could be in for a difficult time based on injures, player avaliability and their form in the nation's cup!


  2. The nation's cup was a fresh team. This is an exciting time for Argentine rugby. We got depth.