Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stadiums for Rugby World Cup 2023

The social media revolution has brought people closer together than ever before. With the ability to share ideas with people from the world over at the click of a button it is now possible for common individuals to have an impact that was previously not possible. The task of campaigning to sell an idea and lobby others to support it can now be done without any economic costs. The only real costs are time. In the case of bringing Rugby World Cup 2023 to Argentina the idea that began here on this very blog in June 2010 has resulted in a book and interest on a variety of social media. 

The book argued for Argentina to host Rugby World Cup 2023 by using twelve stadiums with two of them being in Greater Buenos Aires and the ten others distributed relatively evenly throughout Argentina´s most notable cities and regions. The final selection as suggested in the book is similar to that posted on youtube by a supporter of Argentina hosting Rugby World Cup 2023. By using the social media video website a poster using the login name of Nico d´Amorim has compiled a list of eleven Argentine stadiums to host Rugby World Cup 2023. 

The list is very close to that suggested in the book and all of the suggested venues are covered both on this blog and in the book. They are also all venues in which the UAR has used in the past for the purpose of Pumas matches. The two suggested venues from Greater Buenos Aires are River Plate Stadium and Velez Sarsfeld, the same two Buenos Aires venues that hosted matches in the 1978 FIFA World Cup. The Estadio Mario Kempes in Córdoba is the largest stadium outside of Buenos Aires and is located in the country´s second largest city. The three venues for the Rugby Championship - La Plata, Mendoza and Rosario are also included as large stadiums as is Santa Fé. Also included are three venues seating fewer than 40,000 spectators - Mar del Plata, Resistencia, Salta and San Juan. 

The video concludes by saying these eleven stadiums are the best for all of the country. The one notable absentee is Tucumán, While the city has a good sized stadium it does not have the same modern facilities found in the others. Indeed, as argued in the book Tucumán ought to host four pool matches but the stadium does require work. Unlike the majority Tucumán did not feature at the 1978 FIFA World Cup or the 2011 Copa América. The one venue from Copa América not included is Jujuy which is another option for Argentina 2023. It is located close to Salta while Tucumán is also in the north and would appear to have been left out of the video in order to allocate matches to Resistencia. 

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