Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Quick turn arounds have watered down the South American Championship as was expected

As was expected, the South American Championships has again become a joke thanks to the poor scheduling of the tournament.

After beating Brazil on the first weekend, Chile then faced Argentina today in a midweek match and lost by a heavy margin 84-5. The reason for this result is clear, Chile only retained 3 players from the starting XV against Brazil and just put out a complete reserve team.

The reason they put out a reserve team is because with the most important rugby match of the nation has every 4 years is just next weekend and with the match with Argentina having nothing to do with qualifying riding on it, Chile just rested all their team so they could have a proper rest to face Uruguay in the big match. The IRB need to change the format to allow teams a weeks rest so to eliminate matches like this which are simply pointless.

Uruguay will play Chile in the big qualifying match this weekend, and Chile's team will have had a rest but the tournament as a whole doesn't benefit from thrashings like this. Especially when they are easily preventable. 

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