Thursday, May 9, 2013

Are the USA trying to avoid a repeat of the Dirksen situation?

USA is well known for now having likely lost their young star Hanno Dirksen to Wales now thanks to former coach Scott Johnson bringing him over there with him when he left. Despite previously playing for the USA against Munster he will not play for the USA.
Very young USA prop
Titi Lamositele

However in calling up young 18 year old prop Titi Lamositele from Hawaii to the June training squad, there are rumours to suggest that this is to avoid a repeat of the Dirksen situation.

For an international rugby player, 18 is very young, and it is normally wingers who get called up that young, whilst props are generally called up a few years later due to the technicality of the position and need for the players to gain more strength as they get older. If you look at Under 20 teams you often see wingers who have already broken through at domestic adult rugby but rarely props. If Lamositele gets debuts this year he will be amongst the youngest props of all time.

It has been rumoured that Lamositele has been called up to get him locked and committed to the USA before he could go abroad and refuse to play to protect a contract and be lost to the USA.

The youngster is reportedly due to join Worcester's academy over the summer and getting him committed and locked to the USA this early could also prevent him being lost as qualifying for England via residency.

However on the other hand there is nothing proven about the USA's motives, it is all just a guess that they might be thinking along the lines of preventing another Dirksen case, but it is also well known that USA do not have good strength at prop and he could just be being called up due to showing immense promise to strengthen up a weak area for the Eagles. After all Mike MacDonald who was perhaps the USA's best ever prop was called up first aged 19. Given the very young call up for the Hawaiian, the USA will certainly be hoping he can help out their prop problems for many years to come.

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  1. Sad if this is the case.

    Fiji has lost talented player to England recently and Manu tuilagi was also brought over from Samoa!

    One also has to see that ARG's recent squad for the S.Amer champs contained promising juniors and players who have just moved up from last year's junior squad.

    With names like Cappiello, Italian vultures would have been soaring above if they didn't do this!

    Maybe it is for the better!