Friday, April 26, 2013

IRB consider Argentina getting more power in rugby?

IRB Chief Executive Brett Gosper
considering changes that would
boost Argentina's chances of
hosting a Rugby World Cup.
Big news came from IRB Chief Executive Brett Gosper today about a possible shift in power that would allow Italy and Argentina, both who are as yet the only 2 nations to come from outside the original 8 foundation nations of the IRB (5 Nations + Tri Nations) to break into their clique, to be able to get equal power in the IRB Council as the foundation nations.

Currently, the foundation nations get 2 votes each on debates on issues such as Laws of the Game, Rugby World Cup hosting rights, and international tour schedules. Whilst Argentina, Italy, Japan and Canada all get 1 vote, along with 1 vote from from the regional associations CAR (Africa), ARU (Asia), NACRA (North America), CONSUR (South America), FORU (Oceania) and FIRA (Europe).

This consideration for change is welcome news for both Argentina and Italy and will help them boost their chances of hosting a Rugby World Cup, which notably would increase Argentina's chances to host in 2023.

The old system was very much out of date, and more reflective of the sport back in 1987 where founding 8 were there, and Argentina, Canada, Japan and Italy were seen as the best minnows (discounting the Pacific Islanders who are a uniquely different situation). So it is about time that the system was updated to reflect Italy and Argentina's rise.


  1. ...and italy have risen ...where?

    Probably the most undeserving union there is!

    1. Today Italy is equal to Scotland on and off the field. The test sides are even while both have two professional teams in the Pro 12 and Heineken Cup. Lower down Italy is better as Scotland has no Semi-Pro rugby unlike Italy.

      Scotland has two votes compared to Italy with one. Ergo there is a problem.

    2. I think that USA as well as possibly Georgia and Romania should be promoted to get 1 vote alongside Canada and Japan as well. So should the Pacific Islanders if they sort out the dodgy corrupt goings on with their boards.

    3. I'm all for the likes of Georgia,USA, Rom and PAC isles get a vote each.
      PAC isles have some dodgy goings on but there's another side to that mainly with ex players alligance to NZL and AUS or any euro nation who's willing to go through a back door!

      Paul man, I'M just saying that ITA ave had more chances and players than I've applied to Jsky sports to watch rugby over here. 14 years in the 6 nations and they only just beat IRE this year.

      Also apart fron Troncon how many "Italian" world class players have they produced!

      Scotland are in a fix,sure. But can you remember the days of Wainwright, Weir, Chalmers and the Hastings brothers!

  2. Actually Italy's done pretty well in the 6N. Their record v France's when that team entered the competition to make it the 5Nations is favourable to Italy. After thirteen years, they have only England to beat. France took about 30 years to win their first 5N so Italy still have quite a lot of time up their sleeves yet!

    My opinion however is that instead of giving Italy and Argentina an extra vote, what really needs to happen is that the foundation members shed their extra vote, which needs to be given to the likes of USA etc and an extra vote to all the regional associations. Now that would bring a more democratic voice to the IRB rather than just opening up the "old order" a bit more to two extra members.

    And a major beef of mine is that countries with individual votes also represent the regional association votes, like having the JRFU member Koji Tokumasu representing the ARFU, until fairly recently a Canadian representing NACRA (at least USA has a voice on the IRB now), and an Argentinian representing CONSUR on the board. I'd like to see you do a story on here Paul about the importance of someone from another CONSUR union being the regional rep to the IRB so that CONSUR has not only an Argentinian voice at the table.It should be a rule that any unions with individual votes are not allowed to have someone at the IRB as the regional representative.

    You say Argentina could have two reps on the IRB executive. Well they already do!

    BTW Anonymous I'm surprised you're having problems with JSky. I lived there for 5 years over two periods and never had a problem! :)

    1. channel # 4 until recently usually shows all the Heiniken cup games so I have to pay a little extra sometimes.
      As a man who loves ARG rugby, aren't you incensed by the way FIR see the UAR as their development program?