Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Diego Albanese analyses Juan Imhoff's work rate

Wing Juan Imhoff has been a try scoring machine for his entire career, and has an impressive strike rate at whatever teams he has played for whether it be the Jaguars, Pampas XV, Argentina or Racing-Métro his try scoring strike rate is impressive.

He is a great finisher when opportunity arises, but what separates him from the type of winger who can only score in good teams and just profit by finishing off well opportunities their teammates create, is that he can create his own opportunities from hard work and determination to get the ball and make an impact.

Whilst some other wingers just hang out on the wing and wait for chances, Imhoff makes them himself. It is this skill alongside his pace and athleticism that makes him Argentina's best and most dangerous attacking winger. 

The finest Argentine winger of his generation, Diego Albanese analyses Imhoff's hard work in his role of pundit with Scrum Argentina.

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