Saturday, April 13, 2013

Carlin Isles to sign for Toulon?

Could Isles be wining it for Toulon with Habana?
One of the big success stories in France in recent years has been USA Eagles winger Taku Ngwenya. After he left Bryan Habana for dead in Rugby World Cup 2007 Ngwenya went from being an amateur player in texas to a professional player in the Top 14 as he signed for Biarritz after he had previously had an offer to have a trial with Gloucester. Ngwenya´s move to France has been highly successful. he has played in a Heineken Cup Final and has proven to be able to match it with the best wingers playing throughout the continent. His try against the Ospreys in 2010 underlined his class as he outpassed Shane Williams to help set up a Biarritz victory.

If the USA had more players getting as much game time in France as Ngwenya then the USA Eagles would be a genuine Quarter Finals contender at the Rugby World Cup. While the number of players involved in professional competition has been increasing many of the USA´s professional players are not getting regular game time. Ngwenya and Scott LaValla are the only two USA players getting regular game time in the Top 14 but next season while in England Chris Wyles leads the ranks as he regularly plays in the back-three for Saracens.

Rumours in France suggest that there is a real possibility that Ngwenya and Wyles could be joined in European professional rugby by a third USA winger. The man regarded as the fastest sprinter in global rugby, Carlin Isles has been linked to a move to Toulon, the same club that signed Bryan Habana earlier this year. Isles is said to be considering his options and is rumoured to being set to have serious talks with Toulon management during the upcoming London leg of the IRB Rugby Sevens. Should it turn out to be true then Isles will progress as a player and offer the USA a potentially devastating backline which could Chris Wyles moved to outside centre with Isles and Ngwenya starting on the wigns and Luke Hume potentially playing fullback. 


  1. Premature to say he will be a good XV's player with no evidence yet.

    If speed was everything, Chavhanga would be playing for a lot better team than the Dragons. Signig for Toulon doesn't necessarily make you good either, see Willie Mason ...

    Also wing is the USA's strongest position, he won't just walk into the team. Luke Hume was a revelation in 2012 (and linked to a European move)and Madison Hughes (who also goalkicks) was the player of the JWRT last year and will surely debut this year.

    1. I agree. Should Isles make the USA Eagles team it will be after recieving sustained time in the XV man game. Should a move to Toulon, or somewhere else that is pro, turn out to be true then he will likely be starting for the USA as soon as this coming November.

      Looking to 2015 Madison Hughes and Luke Hume look the good. Wyles should be used at 13 for the RWC and this year could he the positional change.

    2. He wouldn't get a game at Toulon and could end up like Willie Mason. Signing for a pro team alone won't guarantee him a spot with the USA's strong wing resources though.

  2. He would learn an awful lot from Habana and co though, better than signing for a crap team and training with mediocre players

  3. big size difference between isles and Ngwenya!! he needs to bulk up abit and at the same time keep that speed..imagine running into all blacks wingers like Julian Savea or Hosea Gear.It wont be good.